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The Merry Monarch

A Comic Opera in Comic Acts. Original French libretto ("L'Etoile"I° [The Star of Fate] by Eugene Leterrier and Albert Vanloo. American adaptation by J. Cheever Goodwin. Music by Woolson Morse. Orchestration by John Philip Sousa. NB: The original French score by Emmanuel Chabrier was discarded although credited. Original production billed as a Christmas Pantomime.

Broadway Theatre, New York - 18th August - 4th October, 1890 (49 perfs).

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  1. Opening Chorus (Gaily, gaily, let us sing) Chorus
  2. "Cash" (Quartette) - Plunkett, Lilita, Aloes,Tapioca
  3. "When I Was a Child of Three" (Ballad) - Lilita, Plunkett, Aloes,Tapioca
  4. "For Thy Dear Sake" (Duet) - Aloes,Tapioca
  5. "Vanity Drives Them All to Me" (Rondeau)- Lazuli
  6. "Star Song" - Lazuli
  7. "(I'm a) King with a Capital K" (Song) - King Anso
  8. Ensemble (Believe me! you've done a most courageous thing) - Principals, Chorus
  9. "The Fatal Chair" (Couplets) - King Anso, Chorus
  10. Finale - King Anso, Lazuli, All

Act 2

  1. ; "Pre-Eminently Handsome" - Female Chorus
  2. "I Can't Imagine" (Song) - Lazuli
  3. Quintette (Yes, it is he!) - King Anso, Sirocco, Lazuli, Plunkett,Tapioca
  4. Chorus of Welcome (with joyful jubilation..)
  5. Ensemble (Take him away!) - Lilita, Aloes, Plunkett, H. Macdonough,Tapioca, Mixed Chorus
  6. "The Omniscient Ostrich" (The Birds Who Knows It All) (Ditty) - King Anso, Chorus
  7. Resume of Finale - Lilita, King Anso, Chorus

Act 3

  1. "Military Chorus" (Oh, the cymbals clash) - Chorus
  2. "Sneezing Song" (Of all the minor ills..) - Lazuli
  3. "Love Will Find the Way" (Song) - King Anso
  4. "Turtle Dove Duet" (Though in idle jest she has spoken) - Lazuli, Lilita
  5. "Love Is Blind" (Ballad) - Lilita
  6. "Wedding Bells Are Sweetly Ringing" (Wedding Chorus) - Chorus
  7. Finale - Lazuli, Lilita, All


Dignitaries, Civilians, Amazon Guards, Ladies of the Court, Dancing Girls and Pages, etc.

Scenes and Settings