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The Lyric Revue

A musical revue. A Company of Four Production. Directed by William Chappell, décor by Loudon Sainthill. Contributers: Arthur Macrae, Charles Zwar, Graham Payn, Richard Addinsell, Donald Swann, Noël Coward, et al

Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 24 May, 1951. Transferred to Globe Theatre, London - 26 September, 1951

Cast: Roberta Huby, Ian Carmichael, Joan Heal, Jeremy Hawk, Irlin Hall, Myles Eason, Dora Bryan, Graham Payn, Hillary Allen, George Benson, Pam Marmont and Tommy Linden


Programme Items

Let's Ignore It - Lyrics by Gerard Bryant, music by Charles Zwar
Lament in the Park
Information Desk - Arthur Macrae
This Seems to be the Moment - music by Graham Payn. Choreographed by Cole Lesley
Portrait of a Lady - Lyrics by Arthur Macrae, music by Richard Addinsell
Ornamental Orientals - Lyrics by Arthur Macrae, music by Richard Addinsell
Modern Trends - Lyrics by Arthur Macrae, music by Donald Swann
Something for the Kiddies - Arthur Macrae
Don't Make Fun of the Fair - Noël Coward
Revival - Arthur Macrae
The Youth of the Heart