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Lucky Nurse


Four one-act musical plays by Michael John LaChiusa

#1 - AGNES

After being deserted in her wheelchair while her cranky nurse goes shopping, the Agnes persuades a stranger to kill her, thus releasing her from her limited and unhappy life.

#2 - BREAK

In Break, two construction workers achieve new insight into their lunch hour woes when the Virgin Mary pays them an unexpected and confused visitation.


The sundry characters of wait on line to use their hostel's one available bathroom, and find they must unwillingly band together when they fear that their superintendent may be dead.


The action takes place in a single night. Madge, a nurse who works with newborn children, worries about having to put her dog to sleep because he's getting too old. Her friend Jerry leaves his shift to cruise a singles bar where he meets and seduces Sherri. Afterwards, Sherri takes a cab home and meditates on her frequent one-nightstands, but the driver upsets her and she jumps out. Finally, the cabbie ends up at the hospital to have a look at the baby he abandoned only hours ago while Madge looks on and wonders, unknowingly, how anyone could desert their child in the middle of a cold night.


Agnes - 1 man, 2 women

Break - 2 men, 1 woman

Eulogy For Mr Hamm - 2 men, 2 women

Lucky Nurse - 2 men, 2 women