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Loving Repeating

A chamber musical by Stephen Flaherty: Lyrics by Gertrude Stein adapted by Frank Galati from a 1934 lecture that Gertrude Stein delivered at the University of Chicago.

About Face Theatre, Chicago - 14 March, 2006


According to notes on the show, " Loving Repeating explores the romantic world of Gertrude Stein: her capricious love affair with language, with self-expression, and with her lifelong companion Alice B. Toklas according to production notes. "The musical follows Stein from her student days in the late 19th century to the height of her artistic era in Paris as one of the 'lost generation,' a term she coined referring to those who came of age between the two world wars."

Musical Numbers

  1. Monologue: "Now I am going to read…."
  2. Monologue: "And then I went to college…"
  3. A Sonatina Song
  4. Loving Repeating
  5. There Are Many That I Know
  6. A History of One
  7. A Sonatina Song Reprise
  8. A Lyrical Opera Made by Two to Be Sung: Setting
  9. My Wife Is My Life
  10. Come Fire Fly
  11. A Large and Loose Caramel
  12. A Cow Coming
  13. A Lyrical Opera: Finale
  14. Monologue: "When I was a a dinner party…"
  15. Kiss My Lips She Did
  16. The Thirteenth of April
  17. As a Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story
  18. Do as They Do So
  19. Monologue: "One day, November fifteenth to be exact…"
  20. The Fifteenth of October
  21. As a Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story: Finale
  22. Monologue: "Now ! Can't you see that when language…"
  23. Kiss My Lips She Did Reprise
  24. Miss Furr and Miss Skeene
  25. Men
  26. Such a One
  27. Loving Repeating Reprise
  28. Lifting Belly
  29. A Bun for My Bunny
  30. Finale