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The Little Whopper

A Musical Comedy Exquisite in Two Acts, 5 Scenes. Book by Otto A. Harbach. (Based on the film "Miss George Washington") Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Bide Dudley and Otto A. Harbach. Book staged by Oscar Eagle.

Casino Theatre, New York - 13 October 1919 (204 perfs)


(in order of appearance)

Janet MacGregor
Miss Granville
Kitty Wentworth
George Emmett
John Harding
Harry Hayward
James Martin
Oliver Butts
Judge MacGregor
Mrs. MacGregor
Jack Dodge
Edward Penfield
Fred Hood


Musical Numbers


  1. Oh, You Major Scales (Opening Chorus) (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Janet, Kitty, Ensemble
  2. Twinkle Little Star (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Kitty, Ensemble
  3. Oh, What a Little Whopper (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Miss Granville, Ensemble
  4. `Round the Corner (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Oliver, William, Robert
  5. I Have a Date - George, John, Boys
  6. It Can't Be Wrong - Janet, Kitty, John
  7. It's Great To Be Married (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Kitty, John
  8. Oh, What a Little Whopper (reprise) - Judge MacGregor
  9. I've Got to Leave You - Kitty, John, Ensemble
  10. Finaletto - John


  1. I'm Lonely When I'm Alone (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Teenty, Tonty
  2. The Kiss - Kitty, Mrs MacGregor, Judge MacGregor, John
  3. Snap Your Fingers (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - George, Teenty, Ensemble
  4. We May Meet Again (reprise) - George, Kitty
  5. Sweet Dreams (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Judge MacGregor, Ensemble
  6. There's Only One Thing to Do (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Janet, John
  7. Let It Be Soon (Lyrics by Otto Harbach.) - Teenty, Tonty
  8. Good Morning, All - Janet, Ensemble
  9. Finale - Entire Company

Scenes and Settings

Act I

Scene 1: Grounds of the Arlington Academy. Thursday, 11:00 a.m.
Scene 2: Corridor of Blenheim Hotel, Philadelphia. Same day, 1:45 p.m.
Scene 3: Harding's Rooms at The Blenheim. Same day, 2:00 p.m.

Act 2

Scene I : The MacGregor Drawing Room, Baltimore. Next night, 10:00 p.m.
Scene 2: The same. The following morning, 9:00 a.m.