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Lady Luck

Cover to piano selection

A musical play in 2 acts: Libretto by Firth Shephard based on His Little Widows by Rida Johnson Young & W.C. Duncan. Additional scenes by Greatrex Newman: Lyrics by Desmond Carter: Music by H.B. Hedley and Jack Strachey. Additional numbers by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

Carlton Theatre, London - 27 April, 1927 (324 perfs)


The story concerns three partners in a New York stockbroking firm, Messrs. Lester, Morton and Windy Bleugh. These gentlemen are very pleased with themselves as they have acquired a great deal of stock in the "Lady Luck" mine which is showing signs of striking paydirt. They are celebrating in the company of their friend Van Hoover, manager of the "Baby Face" theatrical company, and all the young ladies. The first drama is precipitated by by Van's leading lady who is throwing tantrums. The manager decides to sack her and, when Little Jane, the milliner's assistant auditions for him impromptu, she gets the job.

The second crisis comes with a telegram to say that the "Lady Luck" mine has fizzled out at thirty feet, but hope revives when a messenger arrives to say that an uncle of Windy's has died and left him six million dollars on condition that he marries his widows - six of them as Windy's uncle lived in Salt Lake City!

Everyone troops off to Utah where Windy is miserably married six times over - thinking all the time of Jane. Eventually, after a series of events involving Van and the motorised police and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, the 'marriages' are annulled and wives shared round more equitably, with Windy getting his Jane.

But lo! the six million dollars are in shares - in the "Lady Luck" mine which has not run out after all, so everyone is rich and happy and paired off in the true tradition of musical comedy.

Condensed from 'The British Musical Theatre' by Kurt Ganzl.


in order of appearance

Maître d'hôtel
Van Hoover
Tommy Lester
Biff Morton
Wyndham Bleugh
Jane Juste
Ezra Pettyjohn
Officiating Elder
Speed Cop

plus chorus and dancers

Musical Numbers:

  1. Happy - Tommy Lester
  2. Blue Pipes of Pan - Jane Juste
  3. I've Learned a Lot From You - Tommy Lester
  4. Syncopated City - Biff Morton
  5. Sex Appeal - Wyndham Bleugh and Chorus of widows
  6. Oriental Happiness - Wyndham Bleugh and Chorus of widows
  7. Sing (Rodgers & Hart) - First Act Finale - Biff Morton and company
  8. If I Were You (Rodgers and Hart) - Wyndham Bleugh and Jane Juste
  9. Boadicea - Biff Morton, Wyndham Bleugh and Ezra Pettyjohn