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Little Christopher Columbus

A burlesque opera in 2 acts by George T. Sims and Cecil Raleigh. Music by Ivan Caryll

Lyric Theatre, London - 10 October, 1893 (279 perfs) Revised 2 August, 1894 - 20 October 1894. Transferred to Terry's Theatre 19 October, 1894, Closed 15 December, 1894. Total No of performances 421.
Garden Theatre, New York - 15 October 1894. Trannsferred to Palmer's Theatre - 15 April, 1895 (total 264 perfs)

Musical Numbers

ACT I - The Great Square of Cadiz.

  1. Opening Chorus - "Here in Cadiz flags are flying, from each steeple bells are ringing..."
  2. Song - Unspecified soloist and Chorus - "Columbus was a famous man who lost himself at sea..."
  3. Song - Christopher - "Oh! sailor King, who won renown unfading till the world shall end..."
  4. Ballad - Guinevere - "A pussy cat sat by a silver stream - purr! - singing away in a dainty dream - purr! ..."
  5. Chorus - "In an unconventional way they attend the fête today..."
  6. Air de Ballet
  7. Song - Unspecified soloist and Male Chorus - "When you're strolling home to bed thro' the long deserted street..."
  8. Song - Christopher and Chorus - "When the flow'rets droop in the noonday sun, and softly the song-birds trill..."
  9. Duet - Guinevere and Christopher - "If in your dreams my face you see, dream on, true heart, for I am near..."
  10. Finale Act I - "Oh, yes! oh, yes! Oh, yes! oh, yes! The dancing girls will give a show before they start for Chicago!"

ACT II - The Midway Plaisance, Chicago Exhibition.

  1. Chorus of Foreigners - "We are foreigners come from afar, yes, we are... "
  2. Topical Song - O'Hoolegan and Two Flunkies - "I'm a swell, as you see by my manners and air... "
  3. Quartett - Christopher, Guinevere, and Mr. & Mrs. Block - "If you wish at the moment to shine in Society... "
  4. Duet - Christopher and O'Hoolegan - "There's nothing half so sweet in life, they say, as wedded bliss... "
  5. Duet and Dance - "We are the Sisters Giggle, you know us at a glance... "
  6. Double Chorus of Germans and Turks - "Ve vas Deutsche frauleins, as you all can see... "
  7. Dance
  8. "Rumpty Tumpty" Song - (possibly sung by Christopher) - "I am a jolly sort of chap, a fav'rite ev'rywhere... "
  9. Plantation Song - "Oh! honey, my honey, 'tis a dark and stilly night, and only the stars can see... "
  10. Dance - Tarantella
  11. Finale Act II - "All hail! All hail! All hail! Great Christopher Columbus! ... "