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Just Fancy

A Revue. Music: Herman Darewski. Book and Lyrics: Arthur Wimperis. Additional songs by Sam Mayo and J.P. Harrington.

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 26 March, 1920 (333 perfs)

The Cast included :

Margaret Bannerman, Betty Chester, Ralph Lynn, Dore Plowden, Ivy Tresmand, Walter Williams.
Musical Director : Albert Ketèlbey (t):

The Programme included:

  1. I've Done With the Girls
  2. A Patch On You
  3. Lotus Land
  4. Little Miss Brittany
  5. I Know Where the Flies Go In the Wintertime (Mayo-Harrington)
  6. Three Little Words
  7. Mabel
  8. A Million Girls
  9. Li'l Liza Jane
  10. The Contralto
  11. Riley's Ideal Home