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The Human Comedy

Cover to play by William Saroyan

A Musical in 2 Acts, 17 Scenes. Libretto by William Dumaresq. Based on the novel of the same name by William Saroyan. Music by Galt MacDermott.

Originally produced Public Theatre/Anspacher, Off-Broadway 20th December, 1983 (79 performances)
Royale Theatre, Broadway - Opened 5th April, 1984 : closed 15th April, 1984 (13 performances)


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The Human Comedy is a sung through musical.

Homer Macauley is a 14 year-old boy growing up fatherless in the San Joaquin Valley of California during World War II. His oldest brother is off fighting the war, and Homer feels he needs to be the man of the family. To make money, he takes an evening job as a telegraph boy: sometimes he has to deliver the news to a family that a son has died in the War. Yet Homer also keeps up his normal life, going to school, to church, and to the movies. He is buoyed by his home and his loving family, including a very young brother and a mother who plays the harp. His roots and an almost instinctive sense of right and wrong keep him honest and hopeful.

Cast (in order of singing):

Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in 1943 in a little town in California.

Act I

Act 2

Musical Numbers

  1. In a Little Town in California - Company
  2. Hi Ya Kid - Trainman, Ulysses
  3. We're a Little Family - Kate, Homer, Ulysses, Bess
  4. The Assyrians - Helen, Miss Hicks
  5. Noses - Homer
  6. You're a Little Young for the Job - Spangler, Homer
  7. I Can Carry a Tune - Homer
  8. Happy Birthday - Homer
  9. Happy Anniversary - Homer, Spangler, Mr. Grogan
  10. I Think the Kid Will Do - Mr. Grogan, Spangler
  11. Beautiful Music - Beautiful Music, Company
  12. Cocoanut Cream Pie - Mr Grogan, Homer
  13. When I Am Lost - Homer, Beautiful Music, Company
  14. I Said, Oh No - Bess, Mary, Mexican Woman
  15. Daddy Will Not Be Walking Through The Door - Kate
  16. The Birds in the Sky - Bess
  17. Remember Always to Give - Kate
  18. Long Past Sunset - Marcus
  19. Don't Tell Me - Mary, Marcus, the Family, Company
  20. The Fourth Telegram - Spangler, Mr. Grogan
  21. Give Me All the Money - Thief, Spangler
  22. Everything Is Changed - Homer, Kate
  1. The World Is Full of Loneliness - Kate
  2. Hi Ya Kid (reprise) - Trainman, Ulysses, Company
  3. How I Love Your Thingamajig - Soldiers
  4. Everlasting - Tobey
  5. An Orphan, I Am - Tobey
  6. I'll Tell You About My Family - Marcus
  7. I Wish I Were a Man - Mary
  8. Marcus, My Friend - Tobey
  9. My Sister Bess - Marcus
  10. I've Known a Lot of Guys - Diana
  11. Diana - Spangler
  12. Dear Brother - Homer, Marcus
  13. The Birds in the Trees/A Lot of Men (reprise) - Diana, Spangler
  14. Parting - Kate, Wives, Sweethearts, Mothers, Freinds, Soldiers
  15. Mr. Grogan, Wake Up - Homer
  16. Hello Doc - Spangler
  17. What Am I Supposed to Do? - Homer, Spangler
  18. Long Past Sunset - Kate, Company
  19. I'm Home - Tobey
  20. Somewhere, Someone - Bess
  21. I'll Always Love You - Mary Arena, Company
  22. Hi Ya Kid (reprise) - Trainman, Ulysses, Company
  23. Fathers and Mothers (And You and Me) - Company