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Hullo, Rag-Time!


a Revue. Music and lyrics by Louis Hirsch. Revue devised by Max Pemberton and Albert de Courville. Additional songs by Maurice Abrahams, Nat D. Ayer, Irving Berlin, A. Seymour Brown, L. Wolfe Gilbert and Luis Muir. Sketches by J.M. Barrie

London Hippodrome - 23 December, 1912 (451 perfs)

Cast included;

Bonita, Cyril Clensy, Jamieson Dodds, Checkers von Hampton, Lew Hearn, O.P. Heggie, Shirley Kellogg, Gerald Kirby, Ethel Levey, Dorothy Minto, Eric Roper, Willie Solar, Maud Tiffany

Programme included;

  1. The Man I Love
  2. When Was There Ever a NIght Like This?
  3. The Wedding Glide
  4. Bacchanal Rag
  5. Somehow, Sometime, Some Place
  6. How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime?
  7. My Honolulu Honey Lou
  8. Ragging the Baby To Sleep
  9. Hitchy Koo
  10. Snooky Ookums
  11. You're My Baby
  12. Ragtime Soldier Man
  13. The Gaby Glide
  14. Military Mary Ann