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Hullo, America!


Revue devised by John Hastings Turner. Music: Herman Finck. Lyrics: Clifford Grey. Additional songs by Louis Bousquet, Lew Brown, Elsie Janis, Dan Kildare, Camille Robert, Jean Schwartz, Ray Sonin, Albert von Tilzer and Joe Young.

Palace Theatre, London - 25 September 1918 (358 perfs)

The Cast included :

Elsie Janis, Stanley Lupino, Irene Magley, Billy Merson, Owen Nares, (replaced by Maurice Chevalier), Will West

The Programme included:

  1. Quand Madelon (Bousquet-Robert-Sonin)
  2. Crusader and Tommy sports
  3. Queen of beauty
  4. Après la guerre
  5. Percy from Peckham
  6. Sunny Italy
  7. Paris days
  8. Nelson's day
  9. The beauty spot
  10. I love them all a little bit
  11. The jazz band (Janis-Kildare)
  12. What one can do when one wants to, when one tries
  13. Give me the moonlight (Brown-von Tilzer)
  14. The picture I want to see
  15. Señora
  16. On the level you're a little devil (Schwartz-Young)

Musical Director: Herman Finck