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He Wanted Adventure

A musical fantasy in 3 acts ; Book and lyrics by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee based on Ambrose Applejohn's Adventure; Music by Jack Waller and Joseph Tunbridge: Play produced by William Mollison

Palace Theatre, Manchester - 6 March, 1933 (3 week season)
Saville Theatre, London - 28 March, 1933 (152 perfs)

Revised and produced as Smile and Be Bright - Opera House, Coventry 8 January, 1934


The story of a wealthy, bored Bobby Bramstone who longs for adventure and who finds it both in a dream, in which he is a pirate chief, and in reality when two sets of guests at his stately home attempt to steal a treasure which is hidden there.

Bobby gets into all sorts of entanglements with the mysterious Russian vamp fleeing to him for 'protection' from the vile Petrolski who is actually her accomplice in crime; with the psychic phonies Doctor and Mrs Zodiac who are also after the jewels; with a bumbly scoutmaster and his useless troupe whose mottoes are more effective than their deeds; and amourously with his little cousin Peggy who supplies the happy ending. As the Pirate Chief, Bobby is involved with Petrolski as a mutineer, Eustace Didcott as a slave collector, Ziska as the Pride of the Harem and a couple of Indian mystics in a scene which almost echoes burlesque!


Musical Numbers:

  1. Dare Me To - Bobby
  2. My Heart's To Let - Bobby and Peggy
  3. When You've Fallen In Love - Bobby and Ziska
  4. This Is the Hour - Bobby, Parks, Peggy and Pirates
  5. Smile and Be Bright - Eustace Didcott
  6. Monarch of the Seas - Petrolski & Chorus
  7. The Bobby and the Spy - - Parks, Peggy, Bobby, Petrolski & Chorus
  8. The Dream - Parks, Peggy, Bobby, Petrolski
  9. My heart's to let - Parks, Peggy, Bobby
  10. You came to me - Bobby & Petrolski