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A Hard Time To Be Single

Musical Revue. Book, music & Lyrics by Brian Gari

Don't Tell Mama Theatre, New York - 1 October 1990

Musical Numbers:

    1. Those Who Want the Best (Company)
    2. I'm At My Best In Love (Angela)
    3. Portfolio Ghl (Larry)
    4. Obsessed (Michael)
    5. I Think Too Much of the Future (Janet)
    6. Sweet Words Don't Scare My Lady (Michael/Larry)
    7. Waking Woman (Larry)
    8. I Want Your Boyfriend (Janet)
    9. Don't Give Up Your Key (Angela)
    10. Face To Face (Michael)
    11. Am I Supposed To Be Mad Today? (Larry/Janet)
    12. It Had To Happen Sometime (Michael/Angela)
    13. Only One Person's Opinion (Janet)
    14. If Our Songs Still Make It (Michael/Angela)
    15. A Hard Time To Be Single (Company)
    16. Friends For Life (Angela/Janet)
    17. Connected Forever (Angela)
    18. Some Things Don't Have To End (Company)
    19. A Child Should Live Forever (Tammy)*
Cover to Cast recording

* Theme for the Eddie Cantor Fund for Children with AIDS


Original Cast Recording on Original Cast OC 913