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The Girl from Utah


A musical play in 2 acts by James T. Tanner. Music by Paul A. Rubens ; additional music by Sidney Jones; Lyrics by Adrian Ross, Percy Greenbank, and Paul A. Rubens.

Adelphi Theatre, London  - 18th October, 1913 - 9 May, 1914 (195 perfs)
Knickerbocker Theater, New York - 24th August 1914.


Una Trance is fleeing from her home and Mormonism after her father's decision to 'seal' her to a particulalrly gruesome inhabitant of Salt Lake City.  In her flight, Una meets willing helpers: Lord Amesham and his fiancée, Dora, the actor Sandy Blair, a rather odd little ham-and-beef shop man, Trimmit and his intended, Clancy, who is Dora's maid.

Matters become more melodramatic when the dreaded polygamist lures Una and half the chorus of the Folly Theatre to his dwelling in Brixton, whilst the police are on the wrong track chasing Trimmitt. who accidentally picked upo a Mormon's hat in a restaurant.

But the amateur detectives are on the right scent following a trail of blue confetti which Una has dropped in her wake.  Finally Trimmit, disguuised as a fireman, scrambles up the fire escape to effect rescue and, with the action of the piece over, everyone repairs to the Arts Ball for the winding up of love affairs.

Musical Numbers and Scenes

ACT I   -   Dumpelmeyers.

  1. Opening Double Chorus - "Have you booked our table, Number Four?..."
  2. Song - Lord Amersham (to Lady Amersham) - "There's a little maid, and I dream about her everywhere I go..."
  3. Chorus and Entrance of Actresses - "Oh, what a party is coming to tea now!..."
  4. Song - Dora & Chorus - "Truthful men, you are hard to find - lovers, husbands or brothers..."
  5. Song - Sandy - "I remember quite clearly the time I was born, it was one gloomy day in December..."  
  6. Duet - Clancy & Trimmit - "I've had enough of this very swagger place, I feel that I'm quite de trop..."
  7. Song - Una & Chorus - "Where do you think I've come from?..."
  8. Quartet - Una, Dora, Clancy, & Sandy - "I know a Mormon who wants to marry me..."
  9. Duet - Dora & Trimmit - "Heart of my heart, life would be blank were we to part..."
  10. Duet - Una & Sandy - "If my cunning foes lay traps about, well, I may get caught some day..."
  11. Finale Act I - "We really must go; we've taken, we know, a terrible time for tea..."

ACT II -   Scene 1 -   A Street in Brixton.

  1. Barcarolle - Dora, Clancy, Amersham, Trimmit & Sandy - "Where can Una, Una, poor little Una be?..."

ACT II -   Scene 2 -   A Mormon's House.

  1. Song - Una & Girls - "In the street, down below, there's a voice that I seem to know..."
  2. Trio - Una, Sandy & Trimmit - "Oh, the front door's bolted and the front door's barred, so we can't get along out..."

ACT II -   Scene 3 -   The Arts Ball.

  1. Opening Chorus - "It's the Ball of the Arts, quite a feast of fancy dress..."
  2. Song - Dora & Chorus - "If you're a girl and on the stage you go, you'll think it lovely for a month or so..."
  3. Song - Clancy - "I belong to the Emerald Isle, and the Emerald Isle's all right..."  
  4. Tango
  5. Waltz Duet - Una & Sandy - "It is hard just to say what's the right time of day..."
  6. Song - Trimmit & Chorus - "Oh, if you come to Brixton there are lots of sights to see..."
  7. No. 21 - Duet - Dora & Amersham - "When two hearts in perfect harmony sing a song of love..."
  8. Russian Dance
  9. Concerted Number - Una, Dora, Clancy, & Men (whistling) - "Our Dear Little Friends, the Ladies."
  10. Finale Act II - "She's a girl from Utah, in the U.S.A., but on an early day she'll marry dandy Sandy!..."

Nos. 1, 3, 7, 11, 14, 15, 19 & 24 are by Sidney Jones,


  • Lord Amersham
  • Policeman P.R.38
  • Colonel Oldham-Pryce
  • Page
  • Commissionaire
  • Detective Shooter (of Scotland Yard)
  • Lord Orpington
  • Archie Tooth
  • Douglas Noel
  • Bobbie Longshot
  • Trimmit (of Brixton Rise)
  • Sandy Blair (Leading Man at the Folly Theatre)
  • Una Trance (The Girl from Utah)
  • Clancy (Miss Manners's Maid)
  • Lady Amersham (Lord Amersham's Mother)
Miss Mona West
Miss Sylvia Paget
Miss Lydia Savile
Miss Alma Cavendish
Miss Violet Vesey
Miss Rosie Jocelyn
(Actresses at the Folly Theatre)
  • A Waitress
  • Lady Muriel Chepstowe
  • Hon. Miss St. Aubyn
  • Lady Mary Nowell
  • Mrs. Ponsonby
  • Dora Manners (Leading Lady at the Folly Theatre)


Synopsis of Scenery

ACT  I -   Dumpelmeyers.