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The Girl From Kay's


A musical play in 3 Acts. Book and lyrics by Owen Hall. Music by Ivan Caryll. (Additional songs by Paul Rubens, Adrian Ross, Claude Aveling, Cecil Cook, Howard Talbot, Percy Greenbank, Clare Kummer, Maurice J. Stonehill).

Herald Square Theatre, New York - 2nd November, 1903 - 28th May, 1904 (205 perfs);
Herald Square Theatre, New York - 18th August, 1904 - 3rd September, 1904 (18 perfs)

Apollo Theatre, London - 15th November, 1902. Transferred to
Comedy Theatre, London - 14th December, 1903. Closed 23rd January, 1904 (432 perfs)

Revised as The Belle of Bond Street


Young Harry has just married his Nora, and they are waiting to leave on their honeymoon when Nora's new hat arrives. The hat is brought by Winnie, the girl from Kays, who turns out to be an old friend of Harry's. But as she is giving him a congratulatory kiss, Nora and her family arrive and take the whole thing very much amiss.

The honeymoon is off on the wrong foot — she in room 27 and he in room 42. Finally, of course, Nora realises that her jealousy is unjustified.

Mixed up in the proceedings are a bevy of bridesmaids and Kays' shopgirls, the obligatory silly-ass (the Hon Percy Fitzthistle), the staff of the honeymoon hotel, the bride's relations and, above all, an American millionaire with a taste for feminine beauty and especially for Winnie, the Girl From Kay's.

Musical Numbers


  1. Opening Chorus -(Music by Cecil Cook. Lyrics by Adrian Ross.)
  2. "Bride's Song" (As I came up the aisle) (Music and Lyrics by Bernard Rolt.) - Nora, Chorus
  3. "Tips" (Music by Cecil Cook. Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Ellen, Bridesmaids
  4. "Bonnet Shop" (Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Winnie
  5. "Matilda and the Builder" (Music by Ernest Bucalossi. Lyrics by J. Hickory Wood.) - Harry
  6. Finale Act I (Music by W. Meyer Lutz. Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Chorus


  1. Opening Chorus (Music by Cecil Cook. Lyrics by Adrian Ross.)
  2. "Semi-Detached" (Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Harry, Nora
  3. "Customers at Kay's" (Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Winnie, Chorus
  4. "Bob and Me" (Music by Howard Talbot. Lyrics by Claude Aveling.) - Ellen, Chorus
  5. "Lucy Linda Lady" (Music and Lyrics by Dave Reed, Jr.) - Pierrot Quartette
  6. "Miranda" -(Music and Lyrics by Clare Kummer.) - Winnie
  7. "I Love You All the Time" (Music and Lyrics by Will R. Anderson.) - Winnie
  8. "Egypt" (Music and Lyrics by Clare Kummer.) - Pierrot Quartette
  9. "Smiling Sambo" (Music by Howard Talbot. Lyrics by Percy Greenbank.) - Nancy, Chorus
  10. "My Little Love Bird" (Music and Lyrics by Maurice J. Stonehill.) - Winnie
  11. "I Don't Care" Harry (Music and Lyrics by Paul Rubens.) - Winnie
  12. Finale Act II (Music by Cecil Cook. Lyrics by Adrian Ross) - Mr. Chalmers, Theodore, Max


  1. Opening Chorus
  2. "Make It Up" (Lyrics by Claude Aveling.) - Winnie, Harry
  3. "Sufficiency" (Music and Lyrics by Clare Kummer.) - Max
  4. "A High Old Time" (Music by A. D. Cammeyer. Lyrics by Claude Aveling.) - Harry, Chorus
  5. "Birthday Party Song" (My Birthday Party) (Music by Paul Rubens. Lyrics by Percy Greenbank.) - Percy, Nancy, Frank, Ellen
  6. "Mrs. Hoggenheimer of Park Lane" (Lyrics by Adrian Ross.) - Winnie, Max
  7. Finale - Company


  • Max Hoggenheimer
  • Harry Gordon
  • The Hon. Percy Fitzthistle
  • Mr. Chalmers
  • Theodore Quench, K.C.
  • Joseph, Hall Porter at Flacton Hotel
  • Archie Pembridge
  • Pepper, Page Boy at Flacton Hotel
  • Frank, Waiter at Savoy Restaurant
  • Winnie Harborough, The Girl from Kay's
  • Nora Chalmers
  • Ellen, her maid
  • Mrs. Chalmers
  • Assistants at Kay's
    • Nancy Lowley
    • Mary Methuen
    • Clara Butler
    • Cora Paget
    • Mabel Donald
    • Hilda French
  • Norah's Bridesmaids
    • Ella Winton
    • Rhoda Cantaur
    • Maud Ebor
    • Gertrude Sarum
    • Olive Manton
    • Jane
    • Blanche

Scenes and settings