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From a Jack to a King fjtak-po

A Musical Macbeth devised by Bob Carlton in 2 Acts.

Boulevard Theatre. Transferred to Ambassadors Theatre, London - 20 July, 1992 (202 perfs)
Queens Theatre, Hornchurch - 4 September - 3 October, 1998

Calling From a Jack to a King a musical doesn't really do it enough justice: it's more like a rock concert with a plot. It's Macbeth to music, set in 50s Soho (although the music ranges from Jailhouse Rock to Flowers in the Rain) with a dash of West Side Story. Eric Glamis (aka Fain Cawdor) decides to rule the music bizz, so he takes on a dodgy manager, Duke Box, kills Terry 'The' King, marries Queenie, Bitch from Hell, gives a few concerts, and is finally arrested by Joe Mcduff, the suave American cop. All students of English will be pleased to learn that it sticks to the Bard's own hallowed lyrics ... it just laces

them with a dash of the twentieth century, thus: 'Oh thou that art so like Elvis, but yet art hornier, would that I could receive a thrust from thy pelvis. I'faith.'

2007 Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch Programme Cover

Story:Queens Theatre - Hornchurch Programme Cover

The tale charts the blood-stained wade to rock stardom of Eric Glamis. He clambers over the corpses of rivals, but becomes terrified of their ghosts and meets his murky end when enemies approach bearing brtnaches torn from the woods of Soho.

We meet him first as he wanders weimpishly through the deadend streets of London W!. Eric is chosen by three witchlike creaters - a backing group - as a candidate for fame. Renamed Thane Cawdor, he proves a sensation on drums, and even more so on guitar. He interferes with is rival's bike and reaches the top - from which nemesis tips him off.

The show features popular music of the '60s

A fun night based on Macbeth and outrageously ripping off the Bard’s best bits and giving a thrilling mix of rock ‘n’ roll and Shakespeare.

Songs included