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Cover to original vocal scoreThe French Maid

A musical comedy in 2 acts by Basil Hood. Music by Walter Slaughter.

Produced at Terry's Theatre, London 24 April, 1897.

Transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre, 12 February, 1898. Closed 6 August 1898. (480 perfs)


Suzette has many admirers, including a jealous gendarme, Paul Lecuire and Charles Brown, a waiter at the hotel where4 she works. They are concerned by her impending choicd of escorts to the forthcoming bal-masqué. But things are further complicated by various visitors to the hotel who also call for the pretty maid's charms - an Indian Princd, his attaché and Jack Brown, and English soldier and twin brother to the waiter. In traditional French style Suzette strings them all along, causing havoc in the lives of all concerned, including the aristocratic Admiral and Lady Hawser, their niece Dorothy and her lover, Harry, who gets involved in a second act full of jealousy, disguises and misunderstandings until all is disentangled and a chastened Suzette goes back to her faithful gendarme.

Cast of characters:

Musical Numbers:

  1. Opening Chorus
  2. Song - "Pretty Suzette" (Paul)
  3. Entrance of Sir Drummond and Maharajah
  4. Duet - "The Maharajah" (Sir Drummond and Prince)
  5. Song - "That is a curious way" (Charles)
  6. Song - "The Femme de Chambre" (Suzette)
  7. Song - "With my pencil and paper" (Dolly)
  8. Duet - "Charity's useful disguise" (Dolly and Harry)
  9. Song - "Love that is true" (Harry)
  10. Entrance of Sailors
  11. Song and Chorus - "The Jolly British Tar" (Jack)
  12. Duet - "The Twin Duet" (Charles and Jack)
  13. Chorus of Sailors
  14. Song and Chorus - "I'm an Admiral" (Admiral)
  15. Finale Act I
  16. Opening and chorus Act II (Sailors and Masqueraders)
  17. Song and Chorus - "Britannia's Sons" (Harry)
  18. Chorus - "It's gone eight bells" (Girls and Sailors)
  19. Duet - "I'll lead you such a dance" (Jack and Suzette)
  20. Trio - "It is their nature" (Charles, Jack and Paul)
  21. Song and Chorus - "Do not jump to your conclusions" (Charles and Chorus)
  22. Song and Chorus - "Brave Gendarmes" (Paul and Gendarmes)
  23. Duet - "You can read it in my eyes" (Dolly and Harry)
  24. Song - "It's ever my endeavour" (Admiral)
  25. Song - "I've her portrait nex' my 'eart" (Jack)
  26. Finale Act II