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Four Degrees Over

Revue devised by the composers. Music and Lyrics: David Wood and John Gould. Additional music by Paul Drayton.

Mermaid Theatre, 31 July, 1966

The Cast included:

John Gould, Bob Scott, Adele Weston, David Wood

The Programme included:

  1. Four Degrees Over
  2. GPO and Custard
  3. Fo Fum Fiddle
  4. Mon ami François
  5. Let's Protest
  6. First Performance
  7. The Spanish Main of England
  8. Carmen
  9. Rock of Ages
  10. I Saw You
  11. Blue, Black and White
  12. See, See the Shepherds
  13. Taking the Mikado
  14. The End of the Masquerade
  15. Twelve Shopping Days to Christmas