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For Love Or Money

Music by Phil Gibson: Lyrics & Libretto by Geoff Houghton

This was a work in progress when it was presented in association with Lancaster Red Rose Company at the Grand Theatre, Lancaster September, 2000.

It is available for presentation by contacting Phil Gibson Music


Act I

The show opens in Harry's bar on Friday evening. People are coming in after a hard day's work. Sam, the resident keyboard player, is in a blue mood having lost his latest girlfriend. Sam's best friend Mick and Mick's sister, Anita, try to cheer him up.

Two girls enter the bar. Mick recognises Joanne, a girl he and Sam knew at school. Joanne introduces Debra, her cousin. Sam and Debra hit it off. Mick tries to be friendly with Joanne but is rebuffed. Sam and Debra plan to meet in the park the following afternoon and Joanne and Mick are asked along. When the girls leave the bar they argue but Joanne agrees to make up the foursome.

Next afternoon in the park the weather is on its best behaviour and couples are enjoying as stroll through the park. Sam meets Debra angrily. He has found out from a newspaper that she is the daughter of a very rich man but common sense prevails and their love grows stronger. Mick and Joanne start from where they left off in the bar but gradually Mick begins to win her over.

Cyrus, Debra's father, has found out about his daughter's date in the park. He reminds her of her impending engagement to Sir Roger Wychely and threatens to disinherit her if she continues her liaison with Sam. She is left to decide.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Anita is in love with Sam.

Cyrus tries buying Sam off. Sam refuses to be bought but when he next meets Debra he can see she has decided to obey her father.

Act II

At Harry's Bar one year later. Mick and Joanne are finding themselves in an awkward position. The two people who brought them together have split up - just as they have fallen in love. After thinking it through, they decide that their personal happiness matters more than any social embarrassment.

Later Mick and Anita find the moping Sam and invite him for a night-on-the-town. At first he refuses, still stinging from his rejection by Debra, but Mick and his sister finally persuade him to go.

Debra has agreed to marry Sir Roger. She has begun to drink heavily. Joanne is still living with Debra and is trying to help her.

Sam, Anita and Mick go out on the town. As the night passes, Sam begins to see Anita in a different light, especially when they are alone when Joanne "accidentally" bumps into them and drags Mick off the dance. Anita tells Sam she has always been in love with him, but he never noticed her. Sam's reaction is guarded.

At Debra's engagement party she realises that she cannot go through with her marriage and leaves the house after a drunken argument with her father.

Debra arrives at Harry's Bar and is confronted by Anita and Sam. Anita leaves telling Sam that it is he who has to decide ......