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Follow That Girl

Cover to Original London Cast

Book and Lyrics by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade. Music by Julian Slade
Adapted by Bernard Grun from the original production by Dennis Carey

Opened at the Vaudeville Theatre, London - March 17, 1960


In the story of Follow That Girl we meet Victoria Gilchrist whose Victorian father and mother have condemned her to wed one of two wealthy shopkeeper suitors, Tancred and Wilberforce. Rather than agree to her parents wishes Victoria runs away.

On the other side of town, Walter Miskin RA and his wife Cora, whose idyllic artist-and-model existence and wedded bliss is marred only by the remembrance of their long-lost-baby snatched son. We are introduced to a policeman, Tom Blenkinsop, who succumbs to love at first sight seeing Victoria fleeing her parents and joins the chase, firstly to stop her jumping off the Albert Bridge and then to claim her as his love. After various incidental adventures, Tom turns out to be the long-lost son and gets Victoria for his bride.

Cast of characters:

Tom, the author
Mr. Gilchrist - Victoria's father
Mrs. Gilchrist - Victoria's mother
Tancred, Wilberforce - Victoria's suitors
Walter Miskin R.A.
Cora Miskin - his wife
Aquarium Keeper
Mercia, Mavis, Maude - three mermaids
Bus Man, Train Man, Tube Man, Taxi Man - Four transport officials
Miss Payton

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Tra La La - (Tom, Victoria & company)
  3. I'm Away - (Walter, Cora & company)
  4. Follow That Girl - (Tom)
  5. Life Must Go On - (Tancred, Wilberforce)
  6. Three Victoria Mermaids - (Mercia, Mavis, Maudie)
  7. Doh Ray Me - Victoria
  8. Song and Dance - Tom & Company
  9. The Chase
  10. Taken For A Ride - (Transport Officials)
  11. Solitary Stranger - (Cora, Walter)
  12. Shopping In Kensington - (Cora, Miskin)
  13. Lovely Meeting You At Last - (Blenkinsop)
  14. Waiting For Our Daughters - (Mr Gilchrist, Mrs Gilchrist)
  15. One, Two, Three, One - (Blenkinsop, Victoria)
  16. Evening In London - (Company)
  17. Finale - The Company