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The Follies

Music and lyrics - various composers. Devised by Harry G. Pelissier

Apollo Theatre, London - 30 August 1910. a revival of the show presented in the same theatre 1 Decmber, 1908

Cast: included

Ethel Allandale, Effie Cook, Dan Everard, Muriel George, Morris Harvey, Douglas McLaren, Gwennie Mars, Harry G. Pelissier, Lewis Sydney

Programme included

  1. I Worship the Ground
  2. Down By the Wongaroo
  3. Li-t-ti
  4. That Makes My Dream Come True
  5. Stop You Tickling, Jock
  6. Put Me Amongst the Girls
  7. Mother's Maxim
  8. In My Garden of Roses
  9. My Moon
  10. Echoes
  11. Ypsilanti
  12. Yes, I Don't Think
  13. A Few Stones
  14. Teddy Bear
  15. The Bustler of Bath or The Crash Without Reason

Piano accompaniment:

Harry G. Pelissier