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Fame Takes a Holiday

Newport Theatre, Maine - poster

A musical in 2 Acts by Cassandra Danz, Mary Fulham, Warren Leight.

La Mama Experimental Theatre Club - Off Broadway Company - 26 October, 2000 - 19 November, 2000 (14 perfs, 2 previews)


The story of the High Heeled Women, a four-girl cabaret act, takes place on the two worst nights of their show biz lives. Onstage, they perform a tight-knit madcap comedy revue; backstage, they struggle desperately to keep their act together. Fame is the story of a hopeful troupe of comediennes whose dreams of success are undermined by one of its members. Clever lyrics and tunes include a notable Edith Piaf parody (“Je Ne Regrout Rien”) and a torch song in which a jilted Jane, attired in a leopard cocktail dress, yearns for the return of her lothario, Tarzan. By the play’s end the High Heeled Women have lost everything, including their clothing, but they have learned the true meaning of success.


Musical Numbers

  1. Girls, Girls, Girls
  2. Dream, Dream, Dream
  3. I Got the Music
  4. Eleanor's Boogie
  5. Just Another Jane
  6. Je ne regrout rien
  7. Ballet for All Ages and Boys Too
  8. Book Me Jesus
  9. Kish Mir In Tuchas
  10. Finale


Piano/Conductor and instrumental CD.

Scenes and Settings

Libretto ISBN: 0-8222-1796-1