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The French Detective and the Blue Dog


 New musical by Hattie Naylor: Music & lyrics by Paul Dodgson

Bath Theatre Royal, the Egg - 16 December, 2011 - 8 January, 2012


As a mysterious crime wave strikes a small village in France, meet the love struck French Detective and his sparky niece, Le Chat. He’s a hopeless romantic and she is a petite Poirot, but who is the real detective?

As strange things start to happen and people disappear overnight, the only suspect is a small blue dog! Will our mismatched duo uncover the village’s secret before it’s too late?

Prepare for thrills and spills as Midsomer Murders meets ‘Allo ‘Allo in this hilarious musical comedy which is just a little bit spooky and a perfect Christmas entertainment for everyone.


In a small town "somewhere between Brussels and Bruges" a trapeze artist disguised as a laundry worker has been murdered.

Inspector Charcuterie of the Parisian Gendarmerie and his young assistant, Minette, are taking a holiday in Belgium because, they explain, nothing ever happens there. But as in all murder mysteries, where the inspector goes, the murders follow. The suspects include a butcher who only sells tofu, a baker who burns all her cakes and a dress-maker who can't sew on a button. The reason? They're all circus artists who've been forced to swap the big top for village life because of a tragic accident during one of their shows.