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Foxy Quiller

Helen Bertram
as La Colomba

A Comic Opera in 3 Acts. Libretto by Harry B. Smith. Music by Reginald De Koven.

Broadway Theatre, New York - 5th November - 22nd December, 1900 (50 perfs)


A young sailor, Ned Royster has his money stolen by a dwarf. Abel Gudgeon, the father of Ned's fiancée, Daphne, refuses to allow the pair to marry until the money is recovered.

Foxy Quiller is called in and, always talking of himself in the third person, promises to solve the crime by "deductive, inductive and seductive" reasoning. When he finds the money in his own valise he arrests himself and sentences himself to be shot. Luckily the real thief confesses.

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  1. "The Shipbuilders' Song" (Opening Chorus)
  2. "Winding, Winding, My Love and I" - Ned, Daphne
  3. "The Mountebank's Song" - Soloist & Chorus
  4. Entrance of Foxy Quiller - Foxy, Chorus
  5. "The Song of the Vendetta" - La Colomba, Paganino
  6. Finale (Over the Rolling Sea)

Act 2

  1. "The Legend of the Tarantella" - La Colomba
  2. "The Cheating Peddler" - Foxy
  3. "The Golden Age" - Ned, Daphne
  4. "Here at Thy Window, Love"(Mandolin Serenade) - Paganino

Act 3

  1. "Bivouac Song" - Soldiers' Chorus
  2. "The Song of the Sword" - Paganino, Chorus
  3. "The Song of the Watchman's Rattle" - Foxy, Chorus
  4. "Poor Shepherds We" - La Colomba, Polly
  5. "For Foxy Has the Brain" - Company


  • Foxy Quiller, the quintessence of all human intelligence
  • Paganino, a Corsican with a vendetta on his hands
  • Ned Royster, Captain of a ship trading in the Spanish main; in love with Daphne
  • Walsingham Binks, a neglected genius
  • Kimono, the World-Famous Japanese Drawf
  • Abel Gudgeon, a rich ship-builder
  • Splicer, Abel Gudgeon's foreman
  • Six inferior intellects, minions of the unparalleled Quiller
    • Ferrett
    • Padlock
    • Dodge
    • Weasel
    • Sherlock
    • Lovecraft
  • Governor of Corsica
  • Antonio Purloino
  • Garabaldi Filcho
  • La Colomba, Paganino's sister, who helps in the vendetta business
  • Daphne, Abel Gudgeon's daughter
  • Polly Prime, barmaid at the sailor's tavern, "The Jolly Dolphin," Portsmouth
  • Belladonna, the original cause of the vendetta, now the leading sorceress of Corsica, doing a fine trade in spells, horoscopes, love philters, etc.
  • Marjorie, Daphne's maid
  • Mrs. Plumduff, bum-boat woman
  • Serpentina, a snake charmer
  • Forrest Leona, a tight-rope dancer
  • Longina, a giantess

Scenes and Settings

Act 1: Dock Yards, Portsmouth, England. 1825.
Act 2: Sea Coast, Corsica.
Act 3: Castle and Fortress, Residence of the Governor of Corsica.