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A musical by Gerry Ware: Additional material by Andrew Emerson

Union, SE 1, London - 10 June–2 July, 2011 (season)


Set against the vibrant, chaotic and colourful backdrop of London, horrific incidents occurred during the hot summer of 1888 that gripped the East End from Whitechapel to the 'Bohemia' of Hoxton.

Behind a series of events, which almost brought this mighty metropolis to the brink of imploding in a social and media fuelled frenzy of fear and dread, hid the face of someone who was to become one of history's most infamous serial killers.

Detective Constable John Beck and house maid Rosie Walker, two young lovers who themselves are forced to confront their own demons, must work together in an attempt to end a spree of carnage that would challenge and ultimately change the face and attitudes of this great city forever. 1888 a dark era of change...


Musical Numbers include

  1. Eight Little Whores
  2. Maybe Love will Catch Us
  3. Someone I Once Knew
  4. Chalk and Cheese
  5. I’m not to Blame.

plus re-working of musical hall numbers of the period.