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Box o' Tricks

A Revue devised by Albert de Courville and Wal Pink. Music by Dave Stamper and Frederick Chappelle. Lyrics by Douglas Forbes, Harry Graham and Leslie Haslam.

London Hippodrome - 7 March, 1918 (625 perfs)

Programme included;

  1. Nightmares
  2. A Garden in Japan
  3. Joybeams
  4. Thinking of You
  5. Hippodrome March
  6. Carmen's Song (Carmen had nothing on me)
  7. The Pipes of Pan
  8. Come Down to Earth
  9. Busy Bee
  10. Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?
  11. The Modern Maiden's Prayer
  12. Pierrot's Rainbow
  13. Goodbye-ee
  14. When London's All Lit Up
  15. Hum and Whistle It
  16. Rhymes
  17. When I Hear That Jazz Band Play
  18. Joybeams

Cast included :

Fred Allandale, George Clarke, Cecily Debenham, Alec Fraser, Dorothy Jay, The Joy Babes, Shirley Kellogg, Tom McNaughton, Daphne Pollard, Harry Tate, Tom Tweedley

Musical Director: Edwin Sanders