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The Early Years

Title Venue Year Run
The Beggar's Opera Lincoln's Inn Fields 1728 63
The Dragon of Wantley Covent Garden 1739  
Queen Mab Drury Lane 1750  
Harlequin's Invasion Drury Lane 1759  
Love In a Village Covent Garden 1762 37
Lionel and Clarissa Covent Garden 1768 11
Padlock Drury Lane 1768 54
Waterman Haymarket 1774  
Quaker Drury Lane 1775  
Romp Covent Garden 1778  
Lord of the Manor Drury Lane 1782  
Rosina Covent Garden 1782  
No Song, No Supper Covent Garden 1790  
Siege of Belgrade Drury Lane 1791  
Paul and Virginia Covent Garden 1800  
Cinderella Drury Lane 1804  
Who Wants a Guinea? Covent Garden 1805  
Forty Thieves Drury Lane 1806  
Cosi Fan Tutti King's Theatre 1811  
Guy Mannering Covent Garden 1816  
Slave Covent Garden 1816  
Rob Roy MacGregor Covent Garden 1818  
Jack in the Beanstalk Drury Lane 1819  
Clari or Maid of Milan Covent Garden 1823  
Illustrious Stranger Drury Lane 1827  
Cinderella Covent Garden 1830  
Village Coquettes St James' 1836  
Postillion St James' 1837  
or: Harlequin and the Ogre