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Shows Suitable for Youth Groups

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Rights Holder

Adventures of Mr. Toad Weinberger
African Jigsaw Weinberger
Aladdin Weinberger
Alice Weinberger
Alice In Wonderland Weinberger
The American Girl Out of copyright
Annabelle Broom, the Unhappy Witch Weinberger
Arabica Weinberger


Bad Day At Black Frog Creek French
Ballad of Solomon Pavey Weinberger
Bendigo Boswell Weinberger
Beowulf French
Big Al French
Billy Weinberger
The Blue Crystal Starshine Music
Brilliant, the Dinosaur Weinberger
Bugsy Malone Warner-Chappell
Bully! Starshine Music
The Burston Drum French
The Button Box – by John Gleadall Starshine Music


Call Of the Piper French
Captain Stirrick Weinberger
Caroline Warner-Chappell
Cassations Weinberger
Christopher Columbus Weinberger
Cinderella Weinberger
Copperfield & Co Warner-Chappell

Dazzle French
Dracula Spectacula French
Dragonfire Warner Chappell
Drake Weinberger
Dream Date French


Family Rondo Warner-Chappell
First Time French
Five Gold Rings Starshine Music
Follow The Star Warner-Chappell
Footprints on the Moon Weinberger
Frankenstein Monster Show French
Freedom Train Weinberger

The Gospel Show Starshine Music

Hagbane’s Doom Starshine Music
The Happy Prince Weinberger
High School Musical Weinberger
High School Musical 2 Weinberger
Home For Christmas Starshine Music
Honk! Weinberger


I Was a Teenage Jekyll and Hyde Weinberger
The Ideal Gnome Experience French


Jack and the Beanstalk Weinberger
Jack Spratt Weinberger
Jesus' Christmas Party Starshine Music
Julius Caesar Jones Weinberger


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Weinberger
A Little Princess French


Make Me a World Warner-Chappell
Miracle Child Starshine Music
Moments of Christmas Warner-Chappell
Mothers and Daughters French


Ocean World Weinberger
Once Upon a Time Weinberger
Our Day Out French


Panto Pandemonium Starshine Music
Pendragon Weinberger
Les Petits Rats Weinberger
The Pilgrim's Progress Warner-Chappell
Pinocchio Weinberger
The Pirate Pretender Weinberger
A Pocketful of Rhymes Weinberger
Princess Ju Ju Out of copyright


The Ragged Child Weinberger
Rapunzel Weinberger
The Red Sea Weinberger
Robin Hood Starshine Music
Rock Nativity Weinberger
Rockafella French
Rockasocka French
Roman Invasion of Ramsbottom Weinberger

Scrooge (Leisy) Weinberger
Share and Share Alike French
Scheherazade – Tales Of The Arabian Nights’ by Nick Perrin

Starshine Music

The Shepherd King Weinberger
Sleeping Beauty Weinberger
Smike Weinberger
Smuggle Me A Secret Warner-Chappell
The Snow Queen Weinberger
Snow White Goes West Weinberger
Summer in the Park French
Sweeney Todd Shock 'n' Roll Show



Tin Pan Ali Weinberger
Toad of Toad Hall French
Tom and Huckleberry French
Tom Sawyer Weinberger
Treasure Island (Ornadel) Weinberger
Treasure Island (King) French
Twelve Musical Plays for Christmas Warner-Chappell


Ulysses French
United We Stand French

The Vackees Weinberger

Walter and the Pigeons Weinberger
When the Cookie Crumbles You Can Still Pick Up the Pieces Weinberger
Whistle Down the Wind Weinberger
Wildcat on Safari Weinberger
The Wizard of Oz Weinberger

Yanomamo Weinberger