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Worlds of Performance

Worlds of Performance

Edited by Richard Schechner, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, USA

For nearly forty years The Drama Review, the journal of performance studies, has been at the cutting edge of exploring performance issues. The Worlds of Performance series is designed to mine the extraordinary riches and diversity of The Drama Review's decades of excellence, bringing back into print important essays, interviews, artists' notes, and photographs. New material and introductions bring the volumes up to date. Each Worlds of Performance book is an indispensable resource for the scholar, a textbook for the student, and an exciting eye-opener for the general reader.

Popular Theatre

A Sourcebook

Edited by Joel Schechter, San Francisco State University, USA

Popular Theatre: A Sourcebook introduces popular theatre forms such as cabaret, circus, puppetry, vaudeville, Indian jatra, political satire, and physical comedy. This sourcebook follows them around
the world, from the bunraku puppetry of japan to the masked topeng theatre of Bali to South African political satire, the San Francisco Mime Troupe's comic melodramas, and a 'Fun Palace' proposed for London. Contributors include Roland Barthes, Hovey Burgess, Marvin Carlson, John Emigh, Dario Fo, Ron Jenkins, Joan Littlewood, Brooks McNamara and Richard Schechner, and they offer some of the most important, informative, and lively writing available on popular theatre. The sourcebook provides access to theatrical forms which have delighted audiences and attracted stage artists around the world.

November 2002: 246x174: 296pp: illus. 34 b+w photographs
Hb: 0-415-25829-4: Pb: 0-415-25830-8:

A Sourcebook on Feminist Theatre and Performance

On and Beyond the Stage

Edited by Carol Martin

1996: 336pp: illus. 20 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-10644-3: Pb: 0-415.10645-1:

Acting (Re)Considered

A Theoretical and Practical Guide

Edited by Phillip Zarrilli, University of Exeter, UK

'Changes the parameters of what acting is, or is thought to be.' - Theatre Journal

'A bridge between the theoretical and the practical ... an important contribution to theatre studies.' - Back Stage

Acting (Re)Considered is an exceptionally wide-ranging collection of theories on acting, ideas about body and training, and statements about the actor in performance. This second edition includes five new essays and has been fully revised and updated, with discussions by or about major figures who have shaped theories and practices of acting and performance from the late nineteenth century to the present. The essays - by directors, historians, actor trainers and actors - bridge the gap between theories and practices of acting, and between East and West. No other book provides such a wealth of primary and secondary sources, bibliographic material, and diversity of approaches. It includes discussions of such key topics as:

  • how we think and talk about acting
  • acting and emotion
  • the actor's psychophysical process
  • the body and training
  • the actor in performance
  • non-Western and cross-cultural paradigms of the body, training and acting.

Acting (Re)Considered is vital reading for all those interested in performance.

October 2002: 246x174: 416pp: illus. 21 line drawings,
38 b+w photographs and 2 tables Hb: 0-415-26299-2: L65.00 Pb: 0-415-26300X: £18.99

Sourcebook on African-American Performance

Plays, People, Movements

Edited by Annemarie Bean

'This book is invaluable as an introductory text for students of black performance.'- Celeste-Marie Bernier, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

1999: 234x156: 376pp: illus. 29 b+w photographs
Hb: 0-415-18234-4: Pb:0-415-18235-2: eB: 0-203-18221-9:

Brecht Sourcebook

Edited by Carol Martin and Henry Bial

1999: 234x156: 256pp
Hb: 0-415-20042-3: Pb: 0-415-20043-1:

The Grotowski Sourcebook

Edited by Richard Schechner, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, USA and Lisa Wolford, Bowling Green State University, USA

This unique and fantastically comprehensive sourcebook features: a new essay by Richard Schechner on Grotowski and his legacy; essays from many of the key practitioners and critics to have worked with Grotowski; writings which trace every phase of Grotowski's career. It includes a unique collection of Grotowski's own writings; photographic documentation of Grotowski and his followers in action; a historical-critical study of Grotowski by Richard Schechner.

Contributors include: Peter Brook, Eugenio Barba, Thomas Richards, Eric Bentley, Jan Kott, Margaret Croydon, Fernando Traviani, Ludwik Flaszen, Stefan Brecht, Charles Ludlam, Harold Clurman, Walter Kerr, Jennifer Kumiega, Zbigniew Osinski, Ronald Grimes, I Wayan Lendra, Charles Marowitz

2001: 234x156: 544pp: illus. 34 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-13110-3: Pb: 0-415-13111-1:

Re: Direction

A Theoretical and Practical Guide

Edited by Rebecca Schneider, Cornell University, USA and Gabrielle Cody, Vassan College, USA

'Compact, readable and exceptionally good value for money, this collection of writings on the role of the theatre director is set to become a classic text for practitioners and students of directing alike.'- Neil Eckersley, Manchester on Stage

Re: Direction is an extraordinary resource for practitioners and students on directing. It provides a collection of groundbreaking interviews, primary sources and essays on twentieth-century directing theories and practices around the world. Helpfully organised into four key areas of the subject, the book explores:

  • theories of directing
  • the boundaries of the director's role
  • the limits of categorization
  • the history of the theatre and performance art.

2001: 246x174: 400pp: illus. 31 b,w photographs
Hb: 0-415-21390-8: Pb: 0-415-21391-6:

Happenings and Other Acts

Edited by Mariellen Sandford

1995: 234x156: 424pp: illus. 42 b+w photographs

Hb: 0-415-09935-8: Pb: 0-415-09936-6: Eb: 0-203-20434-4: