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Theatre Concepts

Series Editor: John Russell Brown

The Theatre Concepts series is designed to encourage a precise understanding of each aspect of theatre practice. The volumes in Theatre Concepts are written by experienced practitioners in direct and accessible language in order to open up debates and experiences of theatre.

What is Scenography?

Pamela Howard, freelance Scenographer and Theatre Director, London, UK

Scenography provides a personal and direct response to this question by one of the world's leading scenographers. The result is a provocative re evaluation of the traditional role and methods of theatre designers, pointing towards a more holistic approach to making theatre.

2001: 246x189: 160pp: illus. 34 line drawings Hb: 0-415-10084-4: Pb: 0-415-10085-2: Eb: 0-203-42452-2:

Architecture, Actor and Audience

Iain Mackintosh

Explores the contribution the design of a theatre can make to the theatrical experience. It also examines the failure of many modern theatres to appeal to audiences and theatre people.

1993: 216x1 38: 192pp Pb: 0-415-03183-4:


John Harrop

Harrop deals with the intellectual, practical and spiritual issues of what acting is about. Covering the range of actor training and practice from Stanislavski to the Post-modern, he examines the spiritual and moral purposes of acting in society.

1992: 216x138: 144pp Pb: 0-415-05962-3:

Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

Jay Sankey

1998: 234x156: 160pp: illus. 10 line drawings Hb: 0-87830-073-2: Pb: 0-87830-074-0: