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Theatre Production Studies

Series Editor: John Russell Brown
'(This series) ... will be welcomed by students and teachers alike.' - New Theatre Quarterly

Designed to span Western theatre from the Greeks to the present day, each book in this path-breaking series explores a period or a genre, drawing together aspects of production from staging, wardrobe, and acting styles, to the management of a theatre, its artistic team, and technical crew. Each volume focuses on several texts of exceptional achievement, and is well illustrated with contemporary material.

American Avant-Garde Theatre

A History

Arnold Aronson, Columbia University, USA

American Avant-Garde Theatre defines the avant-garde, and looks at its origins and theoretical foundations, by examining Gertrude Stein, John Cage, the Beat writers, Avant-garde cinema, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism.

2000: 216x138: 256pp: illus. 32 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-02580-X: Pb: 0-415-24139-1:

The Theatres of Molière

Gerry McCarthy, University of Ulster, UK

Gerry McCarthy examines the practice and method of possibly the greatest actor-dramatist. Drawing on Molière's own brief discussions of performance and the contemporary evidence of his practice, this is a crucial addition to the debate on style and method in classical acting and on the staging of classical
plays on the contemporary stage.

April 2002: 216x138: 256pp: illus. 20 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-03349-7: Pb: 0-415-25947-9:

Broadway Theatre

Andrew B. Harris

1994: 234x156: 208pp: illus. 14 b+w photographs Pb: 0-415-10520-X

Greek Tragic Theatre

Rush Rehm

1994: 234x156: 184pp: illus. 2 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-04831-1: Pb: 0-415-11894-8: Eb: 0-203-20883-8:

Jacobean Public Theatre

Alexander Leggatt

1992: 234x156: 232pp: illus. 6 b+w photographs Hb: 0-415-01048-9: Eb: 0-203-16916-6:

The Moscow Art Theatre

Nick Worrall

1996: 216x1 38: 256pp Hb: 0-415-05598-9: Eb: 0-203-11443-4:

Shakespeare's Theatre 2nd Edition

Peter Thomson

'Valuable and enjoyable reading for all studying Shakespeare's plays.' - Times Higher Education Supplement

1992: 234x156: 212pp: illus. 13 b+w plates Pb: 0-415-05148-7