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Theatre History

1956 and All That

The making of Modern British Drama 
Dan Rebellato
1999: 138x216: 280pp
Hb: 0-415-18938-1 | Pb: 0-415-18939-X


John Harrop
Theatre Concepts
1992: 216x138:144pp:
Pb: 0 415-05962-3

Adolphe Appia

Texts on Theatre 
Richard C. Beacham 
1993: 234x156: 264 pp: illus. 20 b+w photos
Hb: 0-415-06823-1

African American Women Playwrights

Christy Gavin 
Critical Studies in Black Life and Culture
1999: 216 x 140
Hb: 0-8153-2384-0

Architecture, Actor and Audience

Iain Mackintosh
Theatre Concepts 
1993: 216x138: 192 pp:
Pb: 0-415-03183-4:

Avant Garde Theatre - 1892-1992

Christopher Innes
1993: 234x156: 272 pp: illus. 20 b+w photos and line drawings
Hb: 0-415-06517-8 | Pb: 0-415-06518-6

Beaumarchais and the Theatre

William D. Howarth 
1995: 234x 156: 288 pp:
Hb: 0-415-00751-8

Bertolt Brecht

Journals 1934-1955
Bertolt Brecht 
1995: 229x153: 576 pp:
Pb: 0-415-91282-2

British Realist Theatre

The New Wave in its Context 1956-1965
Stephen Lacey
1995: 216x138: 216 pp
Hb: 0-415-07782-6 | Pb: 0-415-12311-9

Broadway Theatre

Andrew B. Harris 
Theatre Production Studies
1994: 234x156: 208 pp: illus. 14 b+w photos 
Pb: 0-415-10520-X

Collaborative Theatre

Le Théâtre du Soleil 
Edited by David Williams 
1998: 234x156: 280 pp: illus. 10 b+w photos
Hb: 0-415-08605-1 | Pb: 0-415-08606-X

Crossing the Stage

Controversies on Cross-Dressing
Edited by Lesley Ferris 
1993: 234x156: 232 pp: illus. 17 b+w plates
Hb: 0-415-06268-3 | Pb: 0415-06269-1

The Death of the Actor

Shakespeare on Page and Stage 
Martin Buzacott 
1991: 216x138: 192 pp: Hb: 0-415-06148-2

Early American Women Dramatists - 1780-1860

Zoe Detsi-Diamanti 
1999: 216x140:
Hb: 0-8153-3304-8

Early English Drama

An Anthology,
Edited by John C. Coldewey
1993: 216x140
Hb: 0-8240-4699-4 | Pb: 0-8240-5465-2

Experimental Theatre - 4th Edition

From Stanislavsky to Peter Brook 
James Roose-Evans 
1989: 216x 138: 260 pp: illus. 30 b+w photos
Pb: 0-415-00963-4

Greek Tragic Theatre

Rush Rehm
Theatre Production Studies
1994: 234x I 56: 184 pp: illus. 2 b+w photos 
Hb: 0-415-04831-1 : Pb: 0-415-11894-8

History of European Drama and Theatre

Erika Fischer-Lichte, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany

This major study reconstructs the vast history of European Drama from Greek tragedy through to twentieth-century theatre, focusing on the subject of identity. Throughout history, drama has performed and represented political, religious, national, ethnic, class-related, gendered, and individual concepts of identity. Erika Fischer-Lichte's topics include:

  • ancient Greek theatre
  • Shakespearean and Elizabethan theatre
  • the classical age of French theatre, Corneille, Racine and Moliere
  • the Italian commedia dell'arte and its transformations into eighteenth-century drama
  • the German Enlightenment - Lessing, Schiller, Goethe, and Lenz
  • Romanticism by Kleist, Byron, Shelley, Hugo, de Vigny, Musset, Buchner, and Nestroy
  • the turn of the century - Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, Stanislayski
  • the twentieth century - Craig, Meyerhold, Artaud, O'Neill, Pirandello, Brecht, Beckett, Muller.

May 2004: 234x156: 416pp Pb: 0-415-18060-0: Hb: 0-415-18059-7: eB: 0-203-45088-4:

Imperialism and Theatre

Essays on World Theatre, Drama and Performance
Edited by J. Ellen Gainor 
1995: 234x156:280pp Hb: 0-415-10640-0 : Pb: 0-415-10641-9

Is Shakespeare Still Our Contemporary? 

John Elsom
Published in association with the International Association of Theatre Critics 
1990: 216x138: 208 pp:
Pb: 0-415-04404-9

Jacobean Public Theatre

Alexander Leggatt 
Theatre Production Studies
1992: 234x 156: 232 pp: illus. 6 b+w photos
Hb: 0-415-01048-9

Makers of Modern Theatre

Robert Leach

Who were the giants of the twentieth-century stage, and exactly how did they influence modern theatre?
The key theatre-makers who shaped the drama of the last century are Konstantin Stanislaysky, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Bertolt Brecht, and Antonin Artaud. Robert Leach's Makers of Modern Theatre is the first detailed introduction to the work of these practitioners. In it, Leach focuses on the major issues which relate to their dominance of theatre history:

  • What was the nature of their life and times?
  • What are they most clearly remembered for / what is their main legacy?
  • What were their dramatic philosophies and practices? • How have their ideas been adapted since their deaths?
  • What are the current critical perspectives on their work?

Never has so much essential information on the making of twentieth century theatre been compiled in one brilliantly concise, beautifully written, illustrated book. This is an enormously helpful, genuinely insightful volume, by on of the foremost theatre historians of our own age.

September 2004: 216x138: 200pp Hb: 0-415-31240-X: Pb: 0-415-31241-8:

The Moscow Art Theatre

Nick Worrall 
Theatre Production Studies 
1996, 216x 138: 256 pp:
Hb: 0-415-05598-9

Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies

A Facsimile of the first Folio, 1623 
Edited by Doug Moston 
1998: 280x220:
Pb. 0-87830-088-0:

The Paper Canoe

A Guide to Theatre Anthropology 
Eugenio Barba Translated by Richard Fowler 
1994: 234x156: 200 pp
Hb: 0-415-10083-6 | Pb: 0-415-11674-0

Performing Brecht

Margaret Eddershaw
1996: 234x156: 200pp
Hb 0-415-08010-X | Pb: 0-415-08011-8

Performing Chekhov

David Allen 
1999: 216x138. 280 pp
Hb: 0-415-18934-9 | Pb: 0-415-18935-7

Performing Nostalgia

Shifting Shakespeare and the Contemporary Past 
Susan Bennett 
1995 216x138: 208pp
Hb: 0-415-07325-1 | Pb: 0-415-07326-X

Political and Religious Ideas in the Works of Arnold Schoenberg

Charlotte M. Cross and Russell A. Berman 
Border Crossings, Volume 5
1999: 216x140:
Hb: 0-8153-2831-1

The Popular Theatre Movement in Russia, 1862-1919

Gary Thurston 
Studies in Russian Literature and Theory Series 
1999: Hb: 0-81011-550-6

Rachael Low's History of British Film

Rachael Low With an introduction by Jeffrey Richards 
Routledge Library of Media and Cultural Studies
7 Volume Boxed Set
1997: 236x152: 2,440 pp:
Set: 0-415-15451-0

Renaissance Drama in Action

Martin White 
1998: 234x 156: 288 pp: illus 20 b+w photos
Hb: 0-415-06738-3 | Pb: 0-415-06739-1

Revolutionary Theatre

Robert Leach
1994: 234x 156: 256pp: illus, 24 plates and 2 line drawings
Hb: 0-415-03223-7

Shakespeare's Theatre - 2nd Edition

Peter Thomson
Theatre Production Studies
1992: 234x156: 212pp: Illus. 13 b+w plates

Sourcebook on African-American Performance

Plays, People, Movements
Edited by Annemarie Bean
Worlds of Performance
1999: 234x 156: 376pp: illus, 29 b/w photos
Hb: 0-415-18234-4 | Pb: 0-415-18235-2

The Stage and Social Struggle in Early Modern England

Jean Howard
1993: 234 x l56:192pp
Hb: 0-415-04258-5 | Pb: 0-415-09553-0

Stillness in Motion in the New Seventeenth-Century Theatre

P.A. Skantze

Stillness in Motion in the Seventeenth-Century Theatre provides a comprehensive examination of this aesthetic theory. The author investigates this aesthetic history as a form of artistic creation, philosophical investigation, a way of representing and manipulating ideas about gender and a way of acknowledging, reinforcing and making a critique of social values for the still and moving, the permanent and elapsing. The book's analysis covers the entire seventeenth century with chapters on the work of Ben Jonson, John Milton, the pamphle theatre, Aphrat Behn, John Vanbrugh and Jeremy Collier and will be of interest to scholars in the areas of literary and performance studies.

May 2003: 234x156: 224pp Hb: 0-415-28668-9

Theatre on Trial

Samuel Beckett's Later Drama
Anna McMullan
1993: 216 x 138: 168 pp:
Hb: 0-415-05202-5

Twentieth Century Theatre: A Sourcebook

Edited by Richard Drain
1995: 234x156: 408 pp
Hb: 0-415-09619-7 | Pb: 0-415-09620-0