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The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

Volume 1: Africa

Edited by Ruth M. Stone
1997; illus. 101 b+w photos, 96 music examples, 49 line drawings, 9 maos (Audio CD included)
Hb: 0-8240-6035-0

Volume 2: South America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Edited by Dale A. Olsen and Daniel Sheehy 
Audio CD Included 1998: 279x216: 1082 pp: illus. 263 photos, 69 music examples, 6 line drawings, 13 maps:
CD Pack: 0-8240-4947-0

Volume 3: The United States and Canada

Edited by Ellen Koskoff, University of Rochester, USA
Audio CD included
2000: 279 x 216: 1000 pp: illus. 400 illustrations and musical examples
CD Pack: 0-8240-4944-6:

Volume 4: South East Asia

Edited by Terry E. Miller and Sean Williams
Audio CD Included 1998:
279x216: 1024 pp: illus. 290 photos, 84 music examples, 38 line drawings, 18 maps
CD Pack: 0-8240-6040-7 

Volume 5: South Asia: The Indian Sub-continent

 Edited by Alison Arnold 
Audio CD Included
1999: 279x216: illus. 280 photos, 46 musical examples. 26 line drawings, 12 maps
CD Pack: 0-8240-4946-2 

Volume 6: The Middle East

Edited by Virginia Danielson, Harvard University, USA, Scott Marcus, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA and Dwight Reynolds, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Audio CD included
2000: 279 x 216: 1000 pp: illus. 400 illustrations and musical examples
CD Pack: 0-8240-6042-3:

Volume 7: East Asia: China, Japan and Korea

Edited by Robert C. Provine, University of Durham, UK, Yosihiro Tokumaru, Ochanomizu University, Japan and J. Lawrence Witzleben, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

This volume explores not only the close ties that link the cultures and musics of East and North East Asia, but also the distinctive features that separate them. The volume begins with a summary of the philosophical, religious and aesthetic systems that spread from China through Korea to Japan as well as concise overviews of the music, instruments, dance and theatre of the region. Succeeding sections cover the music cultures of China, Japan, Korea and the North East Asian sub-regions of Mongolia and Siberia. Special attention is given to vocal, instrumental, narrative, theatrical and religious musics.

Audio CD included

Published December 2000: 279 x 216: 1000 pp: illus. 400 photos, musical examples, line drawings and maps

CD Pack: 0-8240-6041-5:

Volume 8: Europe

Edited by Timothy Rice, University of California, USA, James Porter, University of Aberdeen, UK and Christopher Goertzen, Earlham College, USA

2000: 279 x 216: 1000 pp: illus. 250 photos, 150 musical examples, 13 line drawings, 13 maps

CD Pack: 0-8240-6034-2:

Volume 9: Australia and the Pacific islands 

Edited by Adrienne L. Kaeppler and Jacob W. Love 
Audio CD included
1998: 279x216: 1088 pp: illus, 319 photos, 92 music examples. 29 line drawings, 10 maps:
CD Pack: 0-82406038-5 

Volume 10: The World's Music:

General Perspectives and Reference Tools
Edited by Ruth M. Stone, Indiana University, USA
To be published 2001: 279 x 216: 800 pp: illus, 200
CD Pack: 0-8153-1084-6: