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Theatre Studies and Stage Direction


Ed Hooks

October 2001 128pp
0-325-00240-1 Paperback

With the advent of the Internet, digital technology, and broadband communication, 21st century actors will have to dip into a new bag of tricks, promoting themselves and communicating in ways that previous generations could not possibly imagine. This book provides the tools required to make the transition a profitable one.

Hooks offers essential advice on how to make long-range plans and select the proper acting training. It is not enough, for example, that a new actor study only acting technique; the ins and outs of camera technique. film editing motion capture and the relationship between live action and animation must now be understood. Hooks offers personalised advice basedupon age, gender and circumstance, laying out the kind of training and promotional tools necessary.


Blueprints for the Working Writer

Gordon Farrell
October 2001
0-325-00242-8 Paperback

Over the past 200 years, the world's greatest dramatists have been constructing models, or blueprints of their visions, to ensure that what is in their hearts gets put on stage. This book distils that genius and innovation into one practical manual. In a clear and easily understood way, Gordon Farrell makes available the most potent and effective structures ever devised by the world's most important dramatists. Ibsen, Chekov, Shaw, Beckett, Brecht, Sartre and Pinter all developed powerful new writing tools that empowered them to capture their personal vision of the world on stage. This book describes not only what these techniques are, but also how they can be put to use, enabling today's working playwrights to bring the power of their own personal vision to life in the theatre.


A Complete Listing of Winners and Nominees with a History of the American Theatre Wing

American Theatre Wing

October 2001 208pp
0-325-00294-0 Paperback

Presented each year by the American Theatre Wing, the Tony Award is one of the theatre's most coveted awards, bestowed on professionals for "distinguished achievement" in the theatre. Included is a listing of winners and nominees, and a complete history of the award.


David Sartor & John Pivovarnick

October 2001 224pp
0-325-00238-X Paperback + CD-ROM

Theatrical FX Makeup is written for anyone with a general interest in trying special makeup effects on their own. especially theatre and film professionals. It features dozens of makeup effects accompanied by simple directions for creating them with both professional-quality makeup supplies. and items easily found around the house or local supermarket. Unlike most makeup books, this one is play specific. In addition to the directions for each effect, you'll discover a list of show and character-specific productions for which the effect is appropriate, along with variations to help you adapt each makeup to your specific needs. The book also comes with a companion CD-Rom, which shows all of the book's illustrations in full colour, with easy access to the corresponding directions and supply list.


Second Generation AIDS Plays and Performances

Edited by Therese Jones

January 2001 342pp
0-435-08633-2 Paperback

The first ten year's of the AIDS epidemic brought the first generation of playwrights' and performance artists' responses to it.
Now the epidemic is into its second decade and this text collects together eight plays that respond to the crisis.


The Personality of Process and the Art of Rewriting
Michael Wright

2000 224pp
0-325-00169-3 Paperback

A study of the range of creative choices as a new play evolves. Michael Wright challenged seven playwrights to create original work in reaction to the same prompt.
Through sample drafts and follow-up interviews, he offers insight into these playwrights' processes, methods and thinking.


Greg Dean

2000 191 pp
0-325-00179-0 Paperback

Greg Dean examines the fundamentals of being funny and offers advice on a range of topics, including: writing creative joke material; rehearsing and performing routines; coping with stage fright: dealing with emcees who think they're funnier than you; getting experience: and lots more.


A Case Narrative Approach
Edited by Joe Norris et al

2000 122pp
0-325-00228-2 Paperback

This is a book for new teachers about putting drama education theory into practice and preparing for the contextual variables that lie ahead. It helps readers to think through "What do I do if ...?" scenarios and experience vicariously a broad range of teaching situations.


A Complete Guide to Young People's Theatre
Jan Helling Croteau

2000 96pp
0-325-00230-4 Paperback

As founder of the Encore Young People's Stage Company, the author offers an organised approach to working with children, from establishing ground rules and warm-up exercises to movement and voice training, improvisation, production aspects and a section on making Shakespeare accessible.


A Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Senior Adult Theatre
Martha Haarbauer

2000 130pp, bibliography
0-325-00178-2 Paperback

A guide to all aspects of establishing and maintaining a senior adult theatre. Readers will discover information on organising, recruiting and working with older adults; choosing material; making technical decisions; locating a place to work; attracting audiences; and generating funds.

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