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Recommended Books

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At last! a couple of books which will let you sleep more easily at night when you are planning your latest show.

Both front of house and backstage, A & C Black provide helpful advice and straightforward solutions! HAIR AND WIGS FOR THE STAGE by Rosemarie Swinfield (Published August, 2000) concentrates on simple techniques to create stunning and effective effects for hair and wigs. Using either your own hair or a wig, Rosemarie shows which tools should be used, how to produce the results and shows how to produce period styles. A must!

Hairs & Wigs For the Stage

Whether you are acting, a make-up designer or working in wardrobe, you are likely to find yourself working with hair and wigs at some stage in your career. Hair and Wigs For the Stage aims to provide straightforward solutions to a number of challenges typically created by stage productions. The book concentrates on simple techniques which are easy to understand but provide effective results.

The text is divided into three sections

Each section includes information about the basic tools required, details of step-by-step techniques and ideas on how to overcome common problems. With over 150 quality photographs and drawings, Hair and Wigs For the Stage is an essential reference tool for anyone who works in theatre and wishes to improve their styling skills. 

STAGING A MUSICAL (published July 2000) is a step by step guide and check list to putting on a musical production. Everything on how to choose the right show, budgets and schedules to auditions, rehearsals and performances. There are also sections on set design, costumes, sound, lighting and publicity. Matthew White has years of experience first hand at producing musicals both for amateur and professional productions and he has packed this book full of tips and hints.

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