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accepts Baloni's offer, using the money Baloni has given him to buy the Roman's Return from Annie and Jack. Agricola and Gracie run the pub. Baloni gives Conkus a job driving the Taurus Soporens. Agricola and Gracie are married. The Entire town of Ramsbottom celebrates. PRINCIPALS: - 5 female (3 non-singing), 11 male (4 non-singing) Accrington Stanley - a pub-frequenting local comic Acrimonius - an evil tribune Agricola - Governor of Britannia, fun-loving Albert - Annie and Jack's young son Annie Trotter - proprietor of the Pub Conkus Maximus - big-nosed Roman officer Dolly Diggle - the local barfly Don Giuseppe Balon - the mafia Boss of Sicily Elsie - a bossy and loud English wife Gracie - barmaid and charmer Jack - proprietor of the Pub with wife Annie Little Lil - petite, loves milk stout Momma - Baloni's Old World momma Parsimonius - an evil tribune, Acrimonius' accomplice Rita - Lancashire's feared meter maid Victoria - Annie's young daughter Virgil - Baloni's secretary Also: at least 30 more named roles - plus a chorus. Lots of room for doubling between scenes MUSICAL NUMBERS Viva Agricola - Majorettes, Chorus The Boozer On The Highway - Agricola, Chorus Viva Conkus - Majorettes Roman Superiority - Conkus Maximus, Acrimonius, Parsimonius The Centre Of Manners Is Rome - Aristocrats Welcome Britannia - Baloni, Virgil, Momma, Acrimonius, Parsimonius The Song Of The Taurus Soporens - Conkus Maximus, Acrimonius, Parsimonius Julius Caesar - Stanley, Chorus In The Morning - Gracie, Chorus The Nut Dance - Orchestra The Day I Came To Rule Britannia - Agricola, Chorus For Several Years - Agricola, Chorus Intermezzo - Baloni, Virgil, Momma I Love These Moors - Agricola, Gracie, Chorus The Tripe Dance - Agricola, Gracie, Chorus Wedding Bells - Agricola, Gracie, Chorus INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Reed II (alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), Reed III (tenor sax, clarinet), Reed IV (flute, tenor sax, clarinet), 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, opt. tuba, piano, bass (or tuba)