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Pardon Me While I Dance - Fred, Jenny Sew the Buttons On - Mrs. Farrell, Jenny Almost, But Not Quite - Virginia, Burt A Woman Must Think of These Things - Louise I Love Your Laughing Face - John, Mrs. Farrell A Woman Must Never Grow Old - Louise, Mrs. Farrell I'd Forgotten How Beautiful She Could Be - Fred, Jenny PRINCIPALS: 3 Male, 4 Female. Total cast - 7. FRED SUMNER - Successful doctor, middle-aged, curt. - Baritone LOUISE SUMNER - Fred Sumner's wife. Sad but hopeful, middle-aged. - Mezzo-Soprano JENNY FARRELL - A young country girl in her teens, awakening to love, naive. - Soprano MRS. FARRELL - Runs the inn, simple, content, wise. Jenny's mother, proprietress of Riverwind. JOHN - Handsome, 17, cares for Jenny, naive. - Baritone VIRGINIA - Bright, young but getting older. Guest at Riverwind. - Mezzo-Soprano BURT - A Ph.D. student, focused, young, aimless, guest at Riverwind. Virginia and Burt have some comic sense to their roles INSTRUMENTATION: Bass, percussion, piano/conductor. SCENES AND SETTINGS 2 acts, 8 scenes. Realistic unit set - 2 or 3 rustic cabins on stilts. Summer cabin opens up to reveal interior (perhaps rolls forward); there is also an area of river bank (with log) for fishing scene. ACT I Scene 1: Riverwind Tourist Resort. Scene 2: Same. Scene 3: Same. Scene 4: Sumner Cabin. ACT II Scene 1: Riverwind Tourist Resort. Scene 2: Same. Scene 3: Picnic Area. Scene 4: Sumner Cabin. PERIOD AND COSTUMES: The present along Indiana's Wabash River: house dresses, travelling clothes, recreation slacks, shorts and cut-offs, bathrobes, lounging lingerie outfit, work clothes, fishing hat. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Outdoor and indoor general lighting. Some night lighting required. NOTE: This is a good show for small budgets and/or small stages. DISCOGRAPHY Riverwind - Original Cast Recording