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ACT II The act opens with Virginia and Burt fishing. On the porch, Fred is napping and Louise returns from showering and angrily begins throwing things into her suitcase. Obviously, something went wrong last night. Acting on an impulse, Virginia asks Burt to marry her. It is obvious that they both have been after something else. She's been trying to be an actress, and he claims that he simply needs to finish his dissertation. They seem so close to making their relationship work yet so far. ("Almost But Not Quite") Back in their cabin, Fred notices that their suitcases are all packed. Fred thought that they were staying for a few more days; obviously, things have changed. Louise now claims that she has an important appointment in Indianapolis. Also, she wants to know why he slept on the porch last night. All he says is that they have been married for seventeen years. What upsets Louise so much is the fact that he never responds to her at all. It's one thing to fight - it's another to be treated with indifference. She has had it! In fact, she's planning to go home and start divorce proceedings. They basically have a huge fight where they act more like children than ever before. After Fred angrily storms off, Louise ponders her situation ("A Woman Must Think of These Things") Mrs. Farrell tells John to go and knock on Jenny's door and get her to come to breakfast. He confesses to Mrs. Farrell that he has problems talking with Jenny. She tells him to just get up the courage and talk with Jenny - maybe even tell her what it is about her that he likes. ("I Love Your Laughing Face") After this advice from Mrs. Farrell, he goes off to attempt to talk. In the picnic area, Virginia is rehearsing her lines for the upcoming production of Macbeth - playing one of the witches. Burt enters and tosses his dissertation into the air and asks Virginia to marry him. It seems only natural that after waiting seven years she would jump at this chance; however, she turns him down. If they have waited this long, they are not gong to let some "silly-ass, bourgeoisie, pagan ritual get in their way." She wants to be an actress and he wants to finish his doctorate. That's what they both should do. In fact, she wants to go off to New York and audition for a play - and she's going to do it! The most important thing is that they love each other. Louise calls Mrs. Farrell to her cabin to talk and the two have a some champagne - before breakfast. Louise just needs to share her situation with someone. She tells Mrs. Farrell that things with Fred aren't going that well. After getting just a little tipsy, Mrs. Farrell (now wanting to be called Leona) surmises that a woman's real problem is that she just isn't allowed to age gracefully. Louise calls her a born philosopher and shares that thought with her. ("A Woman Must Never Grow Old") Fred is then found knocking on Jenny's door coming to say good-bye. He confides in Jenny that he and Louise are going for a legal separation - possibly a divorce. While talking with Jenny, Fred realizes that what attracted him to Jenny was the fact that she reminded him of Louise when they were first married. Instead of trying to search for something that isn't there, he just needs to remember how beautiful she was then. ("I'd Forgotten How Beautiful She Could Be") He isn't in love with Jenny! He still loves his wife! No sooner does he finish talking with Jenny that he runs to tell Louise he still loves her - now and forever. So, as it turns out, everything works out rather nicely. John finally gets up enough courage to talk with Jenny. Fred and Louise get "love" back into their marriage. Virginia and Burt realize that what they have going on between them is fine - even if other people don't think so. Even Mrs. Farrell has let her hair down and talked frankly with her daughter and shared some advice with Louise. This time together at Riverwind has made everyone grow! ("Sew the Buttons On" - Reprise) Musical Numbers: I Cannot Tell Her So - John I Want a Surprise - Jenny Riverwind - Louise The American Family Plan - Virginia, Burt The Wishing Song - Fred, John, Louise, Jenny