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9. THE BRUTAL GIRLS CHOIR Nymphs and Shepherds - The Crazy Gang 10. Take the plane for PARIS BY NIGHT (a) Paris par Avion - Valerie Tandy and the Show Ladies (b) On the Champs Elysées - Pamela Bromley and the Boulevardiers (c) Place Pigalle - The Regency Octette Cabaret Nocturne - The Crazy Gang (e) Mademoiselle L’Amour - Valerie Tandy (f) Oui! Oui! - Pamela Bromley and The John Tiller Girls (g) Merci - Bud Flanagan and Teddy Knox (h) Can-Can de Montmartre - The John Tiller Girls Can-Can Extraordinaire - The Crazy Gang Soir de Paris - Billy McCormack and the Showgirls (k) La Revue Parisienne - The Entire Company INTERMISSION 11. A TOUCH OF SPANISH The Girl - Valerie Tandy The Boy - Bobby Drage The Spanish Flavour provided by the Showgirls and the John Tiller Girls 12. THE BABYSITTERS - The Crazy Gang 13. MAGYAR MELODY (a) Camp Fire Reverie The Soldiers - The Regency Octette The Captain - Billy McCormack (b) Beauty and Splendour - Imperial Beauties & the Debutantes The Ballerina - Pamela Bromley The Magyar Dancers - Stanley Fleet, Harry Haythorne, Robert Harvey, Edouard Galliard 14. WAPPING’S CHALLENGE TO MARIO LANZA Bud Flanagan 15. THE PLANTER’S STRIFE The Hylton Omnes, Valerie Tandy and The Crazy Gang 16. LION AND UNICORN ‘The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the Crown The Lion beat the Unicorn all round the Town’ (a) The Unicorn - Pamela Bromley The Lions - The Ballet Quartette The Orders of Knighthood - The Showladies The Order of the Garter - The John Tiller Girls Page Boy - Bobby Drage (b) RING OUT THE BELLS - The Crazy Gang and The Entire Company