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RING OUT THE BELLS Revue: Music and lyrics by Ross Parker: Written by Bud Flanagan, Talbot Rothwell, Carey Edwards and Greatrex Newman. Victoria Palace Theatre - 12 November, 1952 The Cast included : Nervo and Knox, Bud Flanagan, Naughton and Gold, Pamela Austin, Valerie Tandy, Pamela Bromley, The John Tiller GIrls, Billy McCormack and Bobby Drage SYNOPSIS WITH this new revue for Coronation Year the Crazy Gang celebrated their twentyfirst anniversary as a team, and in one of the most popular items of the show, " Wapping's Challenge to Mario Lanza," Bud Flanagan brought back nostalgic memories by singing some of the songs he made famous, including for one number the recorded voice of Chesney Allen. Valerie Tandy was the Gang's companion in several amusing sketches and additional glamour was provided by Pamela Austin and the show girls. An acrobatic team, the Bogdadi, made a big hit with their most skilful, and sometimes hair-raising, balancing feats. Comedy directed by Charles Henry Music and Lyrics by Ross Parker Dances and ensembles arranged by Joan Davis Orchestra under the direction of Freddie Bretherton Staged by Alec Shanks PROGRAMME -RING OUT THE BELLS 1. OVERTURE - RING OUT THE BELLS Orchestra under the direction of Freddie Bretherton 2. TOP OF THE TOWN (a) A Clean Sweep - The Regency Octane (b) Rooftop Rendezvous - Pamela Austin (c) Weather-Vain - Pamela Bromley & The Showgirls (d) Song of the Bells - Valerie Tandy (e) The Belles Ring Out - The John Tiller Girls (f) Hey Ding-a-Ding - The Crazy Gang 3. DO YOU REMEMBER? - The Crazy Gang 4. THE BOGDADI 5. GOOD NIGHT - The Crazy Gang and Valerie Tandy 6. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Pamela Austin introduces The Showgirls and the thoroughbred Siberian Wolfhounds Poodle Parade - The John Tiller Girls 7. WHITE CITY - The Crazy Gang 8. “CONCERTO” (a) My Concerto The Composer - Billy McCormack The Pianist - William Davis (b) The Grieg Concerts) The Dancers - Pamela Bromley, The Ballet Quartette and the John Tiller Girls