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MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. As We Lie in Languor Lazy (Opening Chorus) - Chorus of Girls 2. I'm Abu-el-Hassan (Song) - Hassan 3. When Islam First Arose (Song) - Abdallah, Chorus of Girls 4. Dancing Sunbeam' (Song) - Dancing Sunbeam 5. If a Sudden Stroke of Fate (Trio) - Blush-of-the-Morning, Dancing Sunbeam, Abdallah 6. If You Ask Me to Advise You (Trio) - Sultana Zubedyeh, Scent-of-Lilies, Heart's Desire 7. 'Neath My Lattice (Song) - Sultana Zubedyeh 8. Tramps and Scamps - Chorus 9. When My Father Sent Me to Ispahan (Song) - Hassan, Chorus 10. I Care Not If the Cup I Hold (Song) - Yussuf, Chorus 11. Mystical Maidens Are We (Ensemble with Dance and Chorus) - Sultana Zubedyeh, Scent-of-Lilies, Heart's Desire, Honey-of-Life, Hassan, Chorus 12. We Have Come to Invade - Abdallah, Hassan 13. What Will Become of Me? (Octette) - Hassan, Dancing Sunbeam, Oasis-in-the-Desert, Moon-upon-theWater, Song-of-the-Nightingale, N. Meissener, Blush-of-the-Morning, Wives 14. I'm the Sultan's Vigilant Vizier (Dervish Quartet) - Grand Vizier, Physician-in-Chief, Executioner, Sultan Mahmoud 15. Finale (Oh, luckless hour!) ACT 2 16. Oh, What Is Love? (Song) - Heart's Desire, Yussuf 17. If You or I Should Tell the Truth (Quartet) - Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Heart's Desire, Yussuf 18. From Morning Prayer to Sultan - Grand Vizier, Physician-in-Chief, Executioner, Chorus 19. Let a Satirist Enumerate a Catalogue of Crimes (Song and Chorus) - Sultan Mahmoud 20. In My Heart of Hearts I've Always Known (Septette) - Dancing Sunbeam, Blush-of-the-Morning, Honeyof-Life, Song-of-the-Nightingale, Sultan Mahmoud, Grand Vizier, Physician-in-Chief 21. Suppose-I Say, Suppose (Duet) - Sultana Zubedyeh, Sultan Mahmoud 22. Laughing Low, on Tip-toe - Chorus 23. Where Am I? - Hassan, Grand Vizier, Physician-in-Chief, Chorus 24. It's a Busy Day (Quintet and Chorus) - Scent-of-Lilies, Executioner, Yussuf, Heart's Desire, Hassan 25. Our Tale Is Told (Song) - Yussuf 26. What Does It Mean? (Recitative and Quartet) - Dancing Sunbeam, Blush-of-the-Morning, Yussuf, A Soldier of the Guard 27. It Has Reached Me a Lady Named Hubbard (Septette) - Dancing Sunbeam, Scent-of-Lilies, Yussuf, Hassan, Others 28. Hassan, the Sultan with His Court Approaches - Grand Vizier, Physician-in-Chief, Executioner, Chorus 29. There Once Was a Small Street Arab (Song) - Hassan 30. Finale