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CAST OF CHARACTERS • The Sultan Mahmoud of Persia • Abu-el-Hassan, a philanthropist • Yussuf, a professional story-teller • Abdallah, a priest • The Grand Vizier • The Physician-in-Chief • The Royal Executioner • The Sultana Zubeydeh (Rose-in-Bloom) • Dancing Sunbeam, Hassan's first wife • Blush-of-Morning, his twenty-fifth wife • Heart's Desire, Honey-of-Life, Scent-of-Lilies, the Sultana's favourite slaves • Oasis-in-the-Desert, Moon-upon-the-Waters, Songof-Nightingales, Whisper-of-the-West-Wind, wives of Hassan, etc. • Chorus, Act 1: Hassan's Wives, Mendicants, and Sultan's Guards. • Chorus, Act 2: Royal Slave-Girls, Palace Officials, Guards. SCENES AND SETTINGS: • Act 1: Court of Hassan's house. • Act 2: Audience Hall of Sultan's Palace. DISCOGRAPHY Sullivan: The Rose of Persia