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Cover to Sheet Music for "The Moment I Saw You"Under the Counter

a comedy with music in 3 acts, 4 scenes by Arthur Macrae. Lyrics by Harold Purcell. Music by Manning Sherwin. Directed by Jack Hulbert. Dances arranged by Jack Hulbert and John Gregory.

Phoenix Theatre, London - 22 November, 1945 (665 perfs) Closed 5 July, 1947.
Schubert Theatre, New York - 3 October, 1947 (27 perfs)

London Production:

Cast: Sadie: Gola James. Eva: Irene Handl/Winifred Hindle. Detective Inspector Baxter: Francis Roberts. Mike Kenderdine: Cyril Raymond. Tim Garret: Thorley Walters. Jo Fox: Cicely Courtneidge/Florence Desmond. Mr Burroughs: George Street. Zoe Tritton: Yvonne Marling//Jeanne Stewart. Kitty: Audrey Godfrey. Sir Alec Dunn: Hartley Power/Reginald Tate. Lt Commander Hugo Conway: John Gregory. Mr Appleyard: Frederick Farley

Directed: Jack Hulbert; musical director: Robert Probst; choreography: Jack Hulbert and John Gregory; scenic design: Clifford Pember; costumes: Lorian, Slade Lucas, Norman Hartnell, Honore, B. J. Simmons & Co., Therese, Kitty Foster &c.

New York Production

Cast (in order of appearance): Eva: Winnifred Hindle. Detective Inspector Baxter: Francis Roberts. Mike Kenderdine: BALLARD BERKELEY. Tim Garret: THORLEY WALTERS. Jo Fox: CICELY COURTNEIDGE. Mr. Burroughs: GEORGE STREET. Zoe Tritton: Glen Alyn. Kitty: Ingrid Forrest. Sir Alec Dunne: WILFRID HYDE WHITE. Lt. Cmdr. Hugo Conway, RNVR: JOHN GREGORY. Mr. Appleyard: Frederick Farley.

Scenes and settings

The Play takes place in Jo Fox's House in London.

Act 1:

Monday Afternoon.

Act 2

Scene 1: Wednesday Morning.
Scene 2: Thursday Evening.

Act 3:

Friday Morning.

Musical Numbers

  1. Everywhere - The Girls
  2. No-one's Tried to Kiss Me - Tim Garrett, Girls
  3. The Moment I Saw You - Jo Fox, Tim Garrett
  4. Let's Get Back to Glamour - Jo Fox, Girls
  5. Ai Yi Yi - Jo Fox, Hugo Conway, Girls
  6. The Moment I Saw You (reprise) - Jo Fox, Tim Garrett