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Tonight Lola Blau

Music, book and lyrics by Georg Kreisler, English by Don White


An outstanding vehicle for a solo singer/actress, relating the story of a young actress's career, starting at the time of the 'Anschluss' in Vienna in March 1938 and following her through Switzerland to stardom and disillusionment in the USA and her heart-breaking return to post-war Vienna. Using back projection, sound effects and several off-stage (optionally on-stage) small spoken parts, the story is told in some 20 cabaret-type songs, in every mood from virtuoso high comedy to tragedy.


Vienna. March 1938. Germany invades Austria. Actress Lola Blau is finally getting ready to make her dreams come true and hit the theatrical big time when war breaks out in Europe.

However, Lola is Jewish—and her own country is destroying these dreams by forcing her to leave her homeland. Heading for Switzerland, then for the USA, she's a big star on Broadway. 

Still, desolate and homesick, she heads back to her homeland. Although the war is over, she finds that some people never change.


1 female, no chorus

Musical Numbers

  1. Number One Theatre Street
  2. Never Tell Him The Truth
  3. The Show Must Go On
  4. That`s Life
  5. Miracles Can Happen
  6. Herr Direktor
  7. Sex Is A Wonderful Habit
  8. Lady of Leisure
  9. The Rumba From Brazil
  10. I Can`t Remember How To Forget
  11. Open Another Bottle
  12. Second Hand Tears
  13. Silent Voices
  14. Mrs Schmidt
  15. It Isn`t Easy



Vocal Score and Libretto available on hire only