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Book by Gary Peterson. Music and lyrics by Larry Nestor.


Set in London and Paris at the time of the French Revolution, the story revolves around Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay, and the woman they both love. Charles turns his back on the excesses of the aristocracy to marry the Englishwoman while Sydney must watch from afar. Among the excellent songs are: 'Today We Drink the Wine," "When Will We Meet Again?" and "Hold Me In Your Mind." Here's a chance to stage an important work of literature in the form of a theatrically exciting musical!

Musical Numbers include

  1. Today We Drink the Wine - Ensemble
  2. Work - Charles, Evremonde
  3. You Are My Lullaby - Lucie
  4. When Will We Meet Again?
  5. Hold Me In Your Mind.

Cast: 12m., 7w. in major roles, with smaller roles that can be doubled.

Multiple simple sets.

PLACE: Various locales in London and Paris TIME: Late eighteenth century