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Cover of original vocal scoreSYBIL

a Musical Play in 3 Acts; English version and lyrics by Harry Graham: Additonal lyrics by Harry B Smith: Music by Victor Jacobi 

Liberty Theatre Broadway 10 January, 1916 (169 perfs)
Palace Theatre, Manchester December, 1920
Daly's Theatre - 19 February, 1921

Musical Numbers:

Act I

  1. Politeness Pays - Bortschakov
  2. At A Grand Hotel - Margot and Poire
  3. Letter Duet - Sybil and Petrov
  4. Good Advice - Sybil and Poire
  5. The Colonel of the Crimson Hussars - Sybil & chorus of Officers
  6. With Money You Can't Go Wrong - Margot, Poire and Governor

Act II

  1. The Cup Of Tea - Margot
  2. The Way To Do It - Poire and Governor
  3. Lift Your Eyes To Mine - Sybil and Grand Duke
  4. Keep Cool - Margot and Poire
  5. Love May Be A Mystery - Sybil and Grand Duke
  6. I Like the Boys - Sybil


  1. The Land Of Play - Sybil, Petrov, Margot and Poire
  2. Following the Drum - Poire
  3. Girls, You Are Such Wonderful Things - Grand Duke
  4. When Cupid Calls - Margot, Poire and Girls


Orphans, Fashionable Ladies, Officers, Cossaks, Servants, etc.

Scenes and Settings

Act 1

Entrance hall of the Grand Hotel, Bomsk

Act 2

Room in the Governor's Palace

Act 3

Hall on the second floor of the Grand Hotel.