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Programme Cover Swing Along

A New Musical Show in Two Acts By Guy Bolton, Fred Thompson and Douglas Furber. Music by Martin Broones; Lyrics by Graham John. Presented by Firth Shephard

Produced by Leslie Henson & Herbert Bryan; Ballets, Dances and Ensembles by Fred Lord; Costumes designed by René Hubert

Opera House, Manchester - 17 August, 1936 (3 weeks)
Gaiety Theatre, London - 2 September, 1936 (311 Perfs); Closed 5 June 1937


Maxie Mumm is a little man who has lost everything at the casinos in Monte Carlo.

He gets mixed up in European politics whilst trying to earn enough money to make his way back home.

The politics include a bitter battle between the "Yellow Shirts", led by the fearsome Xabiski and the "No Shirts" led by the equally fearsome Torterro. Maxie is to earn his money by posing as Xabiski/ Trouble naturally arises which is compounded when another Xabiski appears on the scene in the guise of Paul Jerome.

Jerome is impersonating Xabiski in order to get near to his beloved Lili who is the intended "Yellow Shirt" leader. Naturally, as in all 'feel-good' musicals everyone escapes to safety/martial bliss.

Characters in order of their appearance

Ladies of the Chorus

Betty Gothard, Lois Davis, Norah Henderson, Joan Laidlaw, Muriel Charman, Josephine Bartlett, Pat Gaunt, Josephine Reilly, Zelda Nolan, Iris Ebbutt, Dorothy Mathews, Eileen Merry, Pat Watson, Dorothy McLaren, Irene Penfold, Jose Dalmaine

Gentlemen of the Chorus

Jack Healey, Arthur Ives, George Bray, Edward Mathews, Paddy Gleeson, Frank Swift, Alec Foy, Henry Lemoine, Freddy Larman


Synopsis of Scenery


Scene 1 - Casino D'Été, near Monte Carlo
Scene 2 - A Railway Station
Scene 3 - Julien Breval's Villa at Montagnebleu


Scene 1 - Julien Breval's Garden
Scene 2 - Broadcasting Studio, Paris

Scenery designed and painted by THE HARKERS; built by JACK HILL

Musical Numbers

Orchestrations by DEBROY SOMERS


  1. Girl Meets Boy - Opening Chorus
  2. Unbelievable - Paul and Lili
  3. Like a Tin Can Tied to a Puppy Dog's Tail - Miami
  4. Swing Along - Torterro and Chorus
  5. Unbelievable - Reprise
  6. Trafalgar Square - Lili and Paul
  7. Another Dream Gone Wrong - Lili
  8. Ballet - Louise Browne, John Pygram, Maylor Lindsay and Chorus
    (Devised and arranged by FRED LORD, Music by MARTIN BROONES)
  9. Finale


  1. Opening Chorus
  2. Let's be Ladies - Maxie, Julien and Alphonse
  3. A Love Song - Lili, Paul and Chorus
  4. Adagio Dance - Alphonse
  5. Reprise - Miami
  6. Finale