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The Sweeney Todd Shock 'n' Roll Show

Programme Cover to The Buddies productioon of The Weeney Todd Shock 'n' Roll Show

Musical play by Peter Miller and Randall Lewton


Two Jolly Jack Tars let loose in Victorian London encounter the Demon Barber and his murderous accomplice Mrs Lovett, pie-maker extraordinaire!

When Billy decides he needs a shave before travelling home to give his Susan a string of pearls the scene is set for musical mayhem with plenty of blood, pies and horrible murder thrown in for good measure!

With a cast that includes an inept Sorcerer's Apprentice in search of his master, a Heroine disguised as a boy, a long lost son and heir, a Gin Palace Proprietor rejoicing in the name Beaujolais Pickle, a Faithful Hound, Ghosts, Bobbies, Pickpockets, Madmen and HRH Queen Victoria (God bless her!) this musical is as much fun to perform as it is to watch!

Cast: 20 Main speaking roles, large supporting cast.


Musical Numbers

  1. Opening sinister music
  2. If You're of a Nervous Disposition - Citizens, Newsboys, and Company
  3. I'm Evil - Todd
  4. We're Evil - Todd and Mrs Lovett
  5. We Love the Navy - Billy and Tommy with Angelo
  6. I'm Only Little - Tobias and Todd
  7. Gin - Pickles and Customers
  8. Queen and Empires - Todd, Mrs Lovett, Victoria and company
  9. Rule Britannia - Ensemble
  10. Pies - Citizens
  11. Secret Recipe - Mrs Lovett, Citizens and Chorus
  12. Something Funny Going On Here - Angelo, Ghost #1, #2, #3, #4, Alonzo, Ghost #6
  13. Turn Them In - Tobias and Billy
  14. Crazy (original version by Brian Comyns and Peter Swindells) - Inmates
  15. Thick As Thieves - Mrs Lovett and Todd
  16. Queen and Empire (Reprise) - Company
  17. Crazy (Reprise) - Ensemble
  18. National Anthem - All

Scenes and settings

Act 1

Act 2