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Summer Song Vocal Score

A story of the New World

Book by Eric Maschwitz and Hy Kraft. Lyrics by Eric Maschwitz
Music by Bernard Grun, from themes of Anton Dvorák

Produced at the Opera House, Manchester - 21 December, 1955
Produced at the Princes Theatre, London, 16 February, 1956


A seemingly endless tour conducting in America's concert halls leaves Anton Dvorák desperately tired and drained of inspiration. Summer 1893 finds him unexpectedly in a remote Illinois lumber town populated largely by Bohemian immigrants - his native people - under the dominance of a hard-headed Irish woman known as Ma Flannagan.

She owns just about everything there, from the Blarney Stone Saloon, to the growing timber. Unrecognized for once, the famous composer gratefully takes a brief sabbatical, playing the piano in Flannagan's saloon. The township soon feels the benevolence of his kindly wisdom as he offers advice on the romance between Milli the barmaid and her once-a-year visiting salesman, Joe; saves Uncle Marek from being cheated out of his land; and smooths love's path for young Shaun-saving grace of the Flannagan family-and Marek's charming niece Karolka. Refreshed, his inspiration returns, and with it his most popular creation-the New World Symphony.

For the Chorus

Perhaps the busiest show ever produced. Faithful adaptations of Dvorák's best-loved melodies form a fine rich score, plenty of harmonized choral work and satisfying theatrical effects. It is important that the male chorus is equally as strong as the female. Many lively episodes are provided for dancers. General company appear as lumbermen and their girls, saloon customers, hostesses and staff, wedding guests and bridesmaids, concert-hall staff and concert-goers, and in a considerable number of small roles.

Musical Numbers

  1. Cover to London Cast RecordingPrelude - Chorus
  2. Flannagan's Trees - Abe, Chorus
  3. Once A Year Is Not Enough - Milli & Men
  4. Just Around the Corner - Korolka and chorus
  5. Be She Dark, Be She Fair - Shaun and Girls
  6. Cotton Tail - Abe
  7. No One Told Me - Shaun
  8. Sing Me A Song - Male Chorus
  9. Murphy's Pig - Milli & chorus
  10. Saturday Girl - Shaun and Karolka
  11. One Boy Sends You A Rose - Karolka and Milli
  12. Deep Blue Ev'nin' - Abe and chorus
  13. I'm Not So Certain - Joe and Milli
  14. Centreville Song - Chorus
  15. The Day You Hit the High Road - Abe and Chorus
  16. Weddin' Gown - Joe, Mili and chorus
  17. Summer Song - Karolka and chorus
  18. Small Town Sweetheart - Shaun
  19. New York 'Ninety Three - Chorus
  20. I'll Be Rememb'ring - Karolka

Singing Principals

Karolka Novak - a young Czech immigrant
Milli. - Marek's daughter
Shaun - Son of Ma Flannagan - an engineer.
Joe Gianello - a travelling salesman
Abe, a Negro man-of-all-work.

 Straight Roles

"Ma" Flannagan - Boss of Valley Falls
Dr. Anton Dvorák - the famous composer
Uncle Marek - Karolka's Uncle

 Smaller Roles

Feeney, a saloon keeper
Tomashek, a musician.
Blodek, a lumberman.
Gilmore, a railroad magnate.

The Scenes

Act I

Act II

A useful simplification guide is included in the script


Ist and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Drums, Harp