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Programme Cover to  touring production

stage adaptation of the 1963 film by Michael Gyngell and Mark Haddigan

A group of teenagers take a London bus to Europe and the adventures that befall them are threaded together with a succession of pop songs of the 60s.


Scenes and songs:

Act One:


Scene 1: London Transport Cafe

Foot Tapper


In The Country

Don with the Boys

Scene 2: London Transport Depot

7 Days to a Holiday

Don, Edwin, Cyril, Steve & the Company

Summer Holiday



Scene 3: On the Road outside Paris

Do Re Mi Introduction

Alma, Angie, Mimsie

Let us take you for a ride

Don, Steve, Cyril, Edwin

Scene 4: Paris by Night

Stranger in Town

Steve, Cyril, Edwin, Angie, Mimsie, Alma & the Company

Fall in Love with You

Don & Barbara

Scene 5: Night Time on the Bus

Scene 6: The French Countryside

Time Drags By

Steve with Cyril & Edwin

Scene 7: A Paris TV Studio

Travellin' Light

Wallace & Stella

Scene 8: Daytime on the Bus

Travellin' Light

Steve with the Boys & Girls

Bachelor Boy



Scene 9: A Swiss Village

Dancing Shoes

Angie, Mimsie, Alma

We Say Yeah!

Don & the Company


Scene 1: The Swiss Village as before

Do You Wanna Dance?

Don & the Company

Scene 2: Outside the Swiss Village

I Could Easily Fall

Don with the Boys

A Swinging Affair



Scene 3: The Italian Border

Fall in Love with You (reprise)


Scene 4: On The Road in Italy

The La La La Song

Barbara with Alma, Mimsie, Angie

Scene 5: An Italian Wedding

Move It

Don & Steve

I'm in Love with You

Don & Barbara

Scene 6: The Port at Brindisi

Summer Holiday (reprise)

Don with the Boys & Girls


Scene 7: A Beach near Athens

What've I Gotta Do?

Edwin, Cyril, Steve

The Next Time


Scene 8: A Kebab Bar in Athens

Scene 9: A Beach Near Athens

Big News

Don & the Company

I'm in Love with You (reprise)

Don & Barbara

On the Beach

Angie, Mimsie, Alma

We say Yeah!
Travellin' Light
In the Country
Bachelor Boy
Do You Wanna Dance
Summer Holiday


The Company